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I have a 2010 iMac with OS 10.6.8, iTunes 10.5.2, after getting used to the new iMac I noticed the ATV1 was not visible on iTunes.

After a reset (unplug) I was able to go to the ATV's Settings>computer and create a new shared library with this new iMac and iTunes.

I typed in the ATV code and now the ATV1 seen on iTunes Devices (main page) and in iTunes Preferences.


Before this I was able to sync all my home movies, music, photos, etc., to the ATV1 from iTunes.

Now, when I click on the Device 'Apple TV 1' in iTunes main page I get just two sync choices - Settings & Photos.

All the other catergories are no longer present, I cannot add my new home movies (from iMovie), my music, etc.

Note: all my old data is still on the ATV and I can choose and watch it on my TV as before.

I am reluctant to use the 'reset' function on the ATV1 (Settings>General>Reset settings) because it might erase all the data on it now, which I do not want to lose.


Why am I not able to see the catergories I had before and send/sync them to the ATV1 from iTunes?


BTW, I have two iPhone 4's also sync'd to iTunes and they are seen in iTunes Pref's under the 'Devices' tab.

The ATV1 has it's own tab as an 'ATV icon' and shows in that window by itself.

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    While watching the ATV1 just now I noticed a new item listed under the 'Movies' tab. 

    It is 'Shared iTunes Movies', I clicked it and all my newer iMovie's sync'd, amazing. 

    I did the same with all the other heading tabs on the ATV main page and now my music, TV shows are all on the ATV1 in the proper order.

    I do have 'Home Sharing' set up, which could explain this.


    In the iTunes main page>Devices it still only shows Photos as available to sync but adding the other catergories direct from the ATV1 works, for now.


    Maybe this will help someone else in the future. 

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    You've set the iTunes library up as a secondary library (streaming only) instead of a Primary library. You can stream all your movies etc from iTunes, but without syncing them when you turn off the computer the movies etc will disappear.


    You need to disconnect your library (settings > computers) and reconnect it as a primary library (settings > computers > connect to iTunes...... NOT add shared library)

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    I just found out that without the computer turned on that 'sharing' doesn't work, I'd messed up something for sure..

    I followed your instructions and all the Sync Headers are now showing as before.

    Basically it wiped the ATV1 and is re-setting all my data from the different headings in iTunes right now.

    Thank you for your timely and accurate answer!