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Hi imessage has suddenly stopped working correctly for a few of my contacts.....we have always been able to send each other imessages fine but the past few days this has stopped.


Both are iphone4 and ios5, we have been in 3g or wifi connections but i cannot send them an imessage anymore and stays green and sends as a sms...when they reply it comes through as an imessage but from their email account?


We have been able to send imessages fine before but it has decided to stop working.....weve tried just turning imessage off and on and restarting, we can both still send normal imessages to everyone else who has an iphone but not each other???



iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Anyone know how to resolve this?

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    just return your messages to the e mail address that the reply came from. should still be in blue and it will arrive to them as normal from your number. i have two contacts with the same issue. also i added the e mail contact to their origional contact info and that worlked for one of them. hope this helps

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    I am having the exact same problem as jacob54321.


    This is only happening to one contact on my iPhone 4. I upgraded to 5.1 on Wed 3/7/12 - he did not. However, we were succesfully sending iMessges until about Friday night 3/9/12 - now they will only go through as text messges. No settings were changed on either phones. And, I am not having this issue with any of my other contacts that are on iPhones.


    I tried sending directly to his email address, and I tried going to his contact and selecting his phone number to send directly to - neither of those suggestions have worked.


    What would have happened to cause this to just suddenly stop working? How can I/we fix it?


    Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?

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    Same problem here. iMessage was fine until 5.1, but now stopped working on my and my wifes iPhone. I tried everything - and nothing worked to solve the problem. I tried it several times.


    It eventually worked again, when I did the following in exactly this order:


    1. Disable WiFi.

    2. Disable iMessage.

    3. Turn iPhone off and on again.

    4. Still on cellular network, enable iMessage.


    From that point on iMessage worked again, and after that even after re-enabling WiFi.

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    Thanks m.bode  

    That actually worked  

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    Thanks mbode...it worked...

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    Chiming in to also say thanks to m.bode. The turning off of the phone is key in step 3 (didn't work when skipping this) but now my wife's and my iPhone are back on iMessage.