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I have an image for chapter 1 - fine. But when I add an image for chapter 2 it changes chapter 1.


So I added chaper 3 and again changing the table of content for chapter 3 changed 1 and 2 also??

  • luca from Italy Level 1 Level 1

    What do you mean? I tryed to add an image to chapter 1 then to the second chapeter and also the third one. In the table of content and in the chapter everything seems all roght also if I add another chapter after it just add the default image. Which templete are you using?

  • Mark_L Level 1 Level 1

    Chapters are fine its the Table oF Contents that does strange things.


    I had the first one looking fine, but when I changed the second one with a different picture it changed the first as if the Table of Contents is a shared template!?

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    I'm getting the same thing.  I have an image in TOC chapter 1.  It actys as expected, it only shows up on that page.  When I go to  chapter 2 and drop a new image in and it shows up OK, but when I go back to chapter 1 TOC, the new image is superimposed over the original image.  If the new image is smaller than the full screen size, it completely obscures the original chapter 1 TOC image.  It actually fills the screen of every TOC page. If the image is smaller than the full screen, it just sits on top of the other images.  It shows up on every page, not just the one it was placed on and you can modify its size or delete it from any page, not just the one that it was placed on. I don't think the image in the subsequent chapters is actually getting in the "media placeholder" on the subsequent pages.  I'm pretty sure the first image I placed did make it into the media placeholder correctly because that image only shows up on the page it was placed in.

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    The images are there. The TOC shows the image for the chapter selected.

  • Filipe Pereira Level 1 Level 1


    The images are there. The TOC shows the image for the chapter selected.

    Use the navigator under the image... to choose diferent images!

  • UWPhotoPro Level 1 Level 1

    No, that's the problem.  In my case, I clicked the navigator to chapter 1, and dropped an image in.  Then clicked the navigator to chapter 2.  It is blank, as expected.  I drop an image in and then if I click ANY TOC page in the navigator, that second image is there.  The first one worked, subsequent images do not work.  If I then click on any TOC page with the navigator and delete that image, it is gone from all pages.  My first image is still where it should be and only shows up on the chapter 1 TOC page.

  • UWPhotoPro Level 1 Level 1

    OK, I've answered my own question.  First I made a new test book using the same original template (contemporary).  I made two chapters and put a different image on each of the chapter's first page.  In the TOC, those images also show up.  So the image on the first page of the chapter is linked to the image in the TOC.


    Then I used that info to troubleshoot my own problem because those images were only showing up correctly in Chapter 1.  Each chapter in my book has a slightly different color tint to it's layout.  I had duplicated the Chapter 1 layout and modified it for a chapter 2 layout etc...  I think that somehow I had deleted the placeholder media in the first duplicate, and though I had images, they were statically placed images.  Everything seemed to work except when the TOC tried to link up with the image of each chapter's first page.


    To solve the problem, I re-duplicated the first chapter's layout, modified it, making sure that I got the new images in the placeholder, re-applied it to Chapter 2 and voila, the TOC showed the image correctly.


    The moral is that if you muck about in the layout templates, make sure that you don't delete something that is linked downstream to other pages.  We will obviously learn more about this in time.

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    Thank you so much UWPhotoPro for figuring this out, I was completely stumped.  It all makes sense now, I did the same thing, I deleted the picture that showed in Chapters, this caused the TOC not to display the pictures.  With your method is works perfectly. 

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    I recommend downloading a reading this FREE book - Publishing With IBooks Author - it addresses this issue and many others. - Fabe


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    I'm grateful to all for their helpful comments.  Still, I puzzzled over this for a couple of days without success. Finally I realised that if the TOC page doesn't contain the template image of Earch, dragging an image of my own on to the little line drawing of an envelope will always produce a global appearance of that image on all the chapter pages in the TOC.


    So the solution was to bring up the Chapter layouts in the left-hand list, click on the Earth image and copy it. Then return the cursor to the TOC page where it asks you to drag and drop a media file, and paste the Earth image template there.  It then fills the page.  Then drag and drop the image you require for that individual chapter page of the TOC over the top of the Earth template. It fills that page alone, without appearing globally.  Adjusting its mask does seem to have global effects, but for me, it's a good enough resolution to be going on with, as I now have different images on each Chapter page in the TOC.  I have the document locked in landscape view, as this seems to be the only way to retain the layout.  Phew!  Looks OK in preview.

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