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ClaudiaRico Level 1 Level 1

My Ipad is disabled & says to connect to Itunes. When I do, it then tells me it cannot connect to the ipad until i put in the passcode, but the code pad doesn't even show on the ipad...what can i do?

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    You probably have to restore the iPad - you are getting the connect to iTunes message. If you cannot bypass the passcode or if you cannot enter it, you will have to restore with recovery mode.


    You want to restore the device using the last computer that you synced with so that you can restore all of your app data and settings. I think that you tried this method already but if not - try this first.



    If that does not work -  you have to force the iPad into recovery mode in order to restore and this article explains how to do that.