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I have an iPhone 4. IT IS NOT JAILBROKEN


I was using my phone normally...the screen locked as usual, then I wanted to take a picture & when I went to slide the unlock bar, the screen went black.

*****not "lit black" like the screen is powered on... but like it is dead*****

*My phone had a 17% charge on it so I just thought that it died... so I charged it into the wall for about 10 mins..while it weas still charging I pressed the home screen and nothing.


I let it charge a bit longer, uninteruppted for about 20 mins... usually the battery screen is displayed after that amount of charging.

I have tried all of the combinations Ive found on this website as well as youtube and google.

- Hold top key 5 secs+home key 10..let go of top button and continued to hold home key.
-"" plug into the computer for a restore window to open.



I recently backed up my phone to my computer bc iCloud was messing up my phone.
It restored and was working perfectly, then about 2 hours it this happened...





Thank you!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1