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I searched for a solution, but I didn't really find anything that matched.  Ever since I upgraded to iOS 5.01 (iTunes 10.5.2 (11)) nothing syncs.  As best as I can tell I have all my settings for iCloud and WiFi sync.  Contacts aren't syncing.  Apps aren't syncing.  I've tried turning settings off, rebooting phone, turning settings back on. 


My main issue are the Contacts.  I'm a heavy user of Contacts, especially using groups.  I hate the idea of having to add Contacts to both my desktop and phone, and I'm getting to a point where it's getting cumbersome remembering which contact information is on which device.

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    Let me update this.  My Calendar on my MacBook Pro sync'd with a Reminder I set for tonight from my iPhone 4.

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    Another update:  Checked the iCloud site, and I needed to login.  The Reminder was sync'd on that calendar as well, but the Contacts in my Address Book are not sync'd with the Contacts in iCloud. 


    It might be that my iCloud and iPhone are sync'd, but neither are sync'd with my Address Book.  Still don't have Apps syncing.

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    go into your Address Book if you are using OSX Lion. Sometimes iCloud copies all your existing contacts into a nother group called "iCloud" - then deletes them off your computer. So when iTunes goes to look for contacts, it doesn't see them anymore.


    Highlight them all (alt-a) then drag them into a new group and sync that way.

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    Would that help with the groups already there?  I was about to update that my groups don't sync. 


    Also, I just sync'd via USB, and today and the last couple of times I've sync'd, it "transfers purchases" from apps I've had since the iPhone 3.  It also hasn't created a back up since 12/27/11.

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    I restored my iPhone.  Contacts sync with iCloud, but it doesn't sync with Address Book.

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    There has to be an answer to this.  iCloud is a mess for me.  Nothing is syncing.  In the last two days, I've bought a song on iTunes, taken a picture on Photo Booth and moved opened it in iPhoto and moved it to my Photo Stream, and made a couple of changes to contacts. 



    @therealikt,  while I appreciate your time, I would have noticed a new group called iCloud or contacts deleted from my computer.  I have about 20 groups that I use frequently.  That's not the issue. 



    It may not even be an iCloud issue, just a syncing issue, as the USB sync didn't work with my contacts.

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    I'm having a similar issue of everything but contacts suncing. Did you find a solution for your issue?

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    This is an iCloud issue. Solution:

    On your iDevice,

    Go to: Settings > iCloud > Contacts > SWITCH OFF.


    Then use your computer to sync as normal.

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    Doesn't help, still no syncing of contacts despite being synced via USB. The contacts on the iPhone do not sync, rrrrrrr.

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    I found this in another thread and it worked for me.


    Just an update for you all.


    I contacted apple-care and had no luck (after 2hrs on phone they ended the conversation with "we've never seen this before, we'll do some research and get back to you"). That was 2 mths ago and I've not heard back so I assume they're still researching???


    Anyway I discovered my next door neighbor is a mac wiz (never knew this until the other week) and he fixed it in about 5 minutes. Here is what he did (so he says):


    * Make sure iPhone is not also trying to sync contact from another source (like Exchange, Google mail, etc..)

    * Plug iPhone in to computer and turn off contact syncing then sync again

    * Disconnect iPhone

    * Quit Address book, iTunes, iCal etc..

    * go to (user home folder)/Library/Application Support/AddressBook and move all the contents of that folder with the EXCEPTION of the Metadata folder to your desktop (in case you need to restore them).

    * open iSync from your applications, go to Preferences, and click reset Sync History.

    * Reopen AddressBook

    * Connect iPhone to iTunes and set up your iPhone to sync contacts as you want them.


    I hope this helps everyone - it worked for me!