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I'm about to do a presentation at Macworld | iWorld called Blindfolded! where I'm going to demonstrate using an iPhone and Mac blindfolded (I'm a sightling myself).  I've been practicing for about 6 weeks now and I think I'm actually going to pull this off.


However, I have one problem that has started up.  I have triple click home set to toggle VoiceOver on and off.  It comes on just fine, but lately (not originally) when I triple click home VoiceOver doesn't completely stop.  For example, she keeps reading everything for me, and drawing boxes around things I've selected, but the gestures are for a sighted person (e.g. single tap to open an app, single finger to swipe).


When this happens, I have to manually navigate into VoiceOver settings and when I get there I can see that the phone thinks VoiceOver is still on.  I can turn it off manually and it works.


anyone seen this problem before?



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