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    Try this:

    My bank (Wells Fargo) always gives me a problem, as does Smith Barney. These files have an incorrect extension. The simplest thing to do is to right-click the link in the browser and save to desktop. Then change the extension to "pdf" and open it in Preview.


    I recently had an issue where, after installing Acro Reader update, the pdfs would not open in the browser (FF or Safari). even though Prview was my default application. I determined this was a bad installation of Reader.



  • LexSchellings Level 6 (8,707 points)

    I have Lion 10.7.3. Always in 64bit mode. And Safari 5.1.5.

    I emulated your problem: I trashed all pdfviewer plugins from the InternetPlugins Folder. Emptied the Trash.

    Restarted the computer. Safari would not read any pdf and downloaded them instead.

    Then I reinstalled the latest version of Adobe Reader (that's how you install the pdfviewer plugin), restarted Safari and bingo: all pdf were read in Safari.

    So in the meantime the Adobe pdf reader plugin works well now.

    Try it.

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