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For the last 15 days I haver been struggling to get information whether the PPX1020 projector is compatible with macs. Having downloaded the Drivers for Philips - without any support or advise - I resorted to try the product before returning it to Amazon. The only one review in Philips webside categorically stated it does not work with macs without MWARE.


For anyone interested to purchase and use this very versatile, small, and handy projector, here is what I deduced and assembled as "the Missing MacOS manual" :


The MISSING Mac Computer Manual for PPX1020 - Ignore all references in PC manual

                                                                                      (assembled from various sources by M. S. Miltiadou)


When the box arrives, just open it but do not connect USB cable to the computer at this stage.


To operate the Projector you need to do two things :


          1.- to download the Drivers from Philips and

          2.- to adjust the Displays in the System Preferences


DRIVERS :-    Just copy the link below to your browser :- ware&ctn=PPX1020/EU )


and choose from the Drivers and download “Drivers Macintosh OS X


Alternatively download direct by copy/paste on your browser:  ppx1020_eu_dmx_eng.hqx 


It will be downloaded as “PicoPix Viewer.pkg

          Once it has been downloaded, double click to unzip the package and install

          the "PicoPix Viewer" to the Applications or desktop of the computer.


On completion of the installation the computer will ask to be "Restarted"

          After restart,  double click on the "PicoPix Viewer" application.

          It will ask for the projector to be connected.

          Connect both USBs to the computer and the mini USB to the projector.


The projector at this stage may only show image of the computer screensaver.


****          DO NOT PANIC you are nearly there   ****


DISPLAYS  adjustment:- Open the "System Preferences" and click on "Displays"

          (as indicated, but ignoring the cabling description in

          “ training/mac-external-display.pdf” )


Click the box "Show displays in menu bar"

Click "Detect Displays"


When the “Displays” icon appears in the menu bar of your desktop, pull down the menu and click on "Detect Displays" and then click on "Turn mirroring on".

This will set automatically the screen/viewer resolutions.


The projector will now be mirroring - on the wall or other screen - whatever file, picture, film or document you are showing on the desktop.


That's it folks, problem solved the “PicoPix 1020 is COMPATIBLE “ with :-


          iMacs with MacOS 10.6 or later (current desktop models)

          MacMinis with 10.6,

          13"MacBooks with (2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and OS 10.6

          & although not tested at this stage any

          Mac with 2No USBs and with MacOS 10.6 or later


Observation when running the programme:

If the computer goes into screen saver or sleep mode, the projector reverts to the idle state and only  projects the “PHILIPS” name.

2. For long periods of use the screen saver timing might have to be temporarily adjusted

3. To restart the process touch any key to activate the computer and then click on the Viewer icon.

4. If the PicoPix Viewer is in the applications folder drag its icon to the “Dock” for easy access.

          Next time you click on the viewer it will be ready to go

                                        GOOD LUCK

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    Hi mdaltd,


    Thank you so much for this, it's so helpful! I've succeeded as far as the 'detect displays' part, but my Mac isn't picking anything up. Any ideas what to do?


    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Hi g-wils,

    What mac have you got?

    I have and tested Pico Pix on a number of macs and all worked and they are still functioning perfectly.

    All the macs I tested it on were purchased in  the UK. However if your mac was purchased in US, occasionally you may have to be patient with them and try several times before they reached the final step. Why the difference between UK and US manufactured machines, no one will tell you.

    A friend with US MacBook has dragged the icon from the Applications to the Dock for easy access. She uses the Pico Pix regularly. However occasionally if she experiences a problem  when she reaches the "Detect Display" at the pull down menu at the right hand top, she immediately clicks Pico Pix icon on the Dock and activates it from there.  As far as I know it worked for her.



    mda Ltd

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    Hi again mdaltd,


    You're absolutely right, it was purchased in the US! It's a 15" Macbook pro, which I've recently upgraded to OSX 10.6.


    I've dragged the Picopix viewer to my dock but I'm still stuck - when I open it nothing happens, when I click Detect Displays (both in System Preferences and in the drop down of the display icon in the top right) nothing happens either. It seems as though my Mac is refusing to acknowledge it.


    The strange thing is that it does appear in my devices initially, but when I open the Picopix viewer it disappears. Either way Detect Displays doesn't work - so I can't get the Arrangement tab.


    I phoned Philips and they were pretty stumped too... Not sure what to try next! Any suggestions would be great.



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    Hi g-wils,

    I am sorry to hear of your problems.

    I agree it is absolutely useless contacting Philips. That was the reason for compiling the missing manual as, like yourself, had no help from anybody and had to fathom the sequence ourselves.


    Please try to remove or de-install the Pico pix software from you computer and try to reinstall it. This may have to be done few times. I had to do this, couple of times on my friend's MacBook, before I managed to get it to work. Since then she has very little problems and even these are overcome quickly.



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    Hi g-wils,

    I contacted my friend who has ( a US make late 2006 ) 13 inch MacBook and uses Pico Pix continuously. She set outfor you the sequence of steps she makes for operaing it:


       How I connect.....

    First I have the photo I want open on the screen.

    Then I click on the pico pix icon in the dock.  It says "connect the pico pix" (or something similar to those words).

    I connect the two cords to the side of the computer.

    Then the white light showing "Phillips" shows onto the canvas or screen or what ever I am using.

    I next click on the icon on top right of menu which says- "detect displays"

      (My display is usually 1024 x 640.)  When I click on "detect displays" it automatically goes to 1024 x 768 or 1024 x 768 stretched.  I move it from stretched back to the other.

    If nothing changes -ie. my photo does not show - I click on the icon in the dock for pico pix again.   If necessary I repeat the process and so far it works.  However, it took several goes originally to get it going.   I am not sure which of the processes actually does it or if the order is important, but it works. 


    I hope this helps you.




  • g-wils Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi mdaltd,


    Thanks for all the info, it's super useful! I managed to get it working on my friend's Mac which is also from the US using these instructions, so that's a start. Still not having any luck with mine... I'm wondering does it have anything to do with the graphics card. I'll keep trying but if I come across anything else that works I'll be sure to let you know. At this point it's becoming more of a personal mission than anything else!


    Thanks again

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    Mdaltd, it has suddenly and inexplicably started working You were right, it was just a case of trying and trying again. Thanks so so much for all your help with this issue! And please thank your friend for her help also!

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    Hi, I recieved a picopix PPX2480 (with mp4) for christmas (today) and was hoping to use to project from my 13inch MacBook Pro, I did get my MacBook from the US as I had it customised with a solid state drive.
    I have followed your instructions above with the projector connected via USB port, however when I try to "Detect Displays" absolutely nothing happens.
    I can acces the internal memory of the PicoPix and drag and drop files, but I want to display the MacBook's screen.
    I have not yet contacted Philips. I so far tried four times to access it as you suggested uninstalling etc between tries. I would love to know what to do now...


    Thanks so much for your help so far.

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    After much re-reading of the manual it seems I need to connect via the HDMI port on the projector, suggesting the mini-HDMI to VGA cable supplied, however there is no VGA on a MacBook Pro if I were to buy a mini-HDMI to displayport do you think this would work?

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    I have no experience on the MacBook Pro but Apple specification states : -


    Ports with possibility.

    With the Thunderbolt port, you can daisy-chain as many as six devices — including an Apple Thunderbolt Display and Mini DisplayPort peripherals — to create a full-fledged workstation. And with support for video and eight-channel audio, it’s easy to connect HDMI-compatible devices — like your TV and home stereo — using an HDMI adapter (sold separately). Current VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort adapters are also supported.


    I cannot advise you whether a mini-HDMI displayport will work. It is best to make an appointment and consult Apple Genius.



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    Thank you for that. I have asked one of my friends who works at an apple store and she said I should be ok with a HDMI displayport, I'm going to try it out with her cables when I get back to Uni. Thank you for your help.

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    Hi mdaltd,

    I've a problem: when I check "Show displays in menu bar" the “Displays” icon doesn't appears in my menu bar so I can't use picopic with my mac

  • Allan Jones Level 7 (33,680 points)



    This thread got started long ago in the wrong forum and managed to stay in limbo here. This forum is for pre-1998 Mac hardware, not third-party products. Very few people ever see what's posted here.


    Although you should be checking with the projector manufacturer for support, you may have better luck here by figuring out your Mac OS version (from "About This Mac" ) and posting in that OS forum area from those shown here:


    Mac OS & System Software

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    I contacted Sagem (who make the Picopix, following a hint from another thread) and got this reply:


    The PPX1020 is not compatible with MAC 10.8.4, I am afraid. It works only up to 10.7.


    So if you have a PPX1020 and Mountain Lion then I'm afraid - like me - you can't use it any more


    This is pretty pathetic product support from Philips.

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