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hi all,


i have an iphone 4s, purchased in october 2011. all the software is up to date, as is the software on my macbook pro (running 10.5.8). the itunes version i use is 10.5.3.


i used the voice memos function for the first time recently, have two recordings of workshops, one is 45 mins long, the other about 1 hour 15 mins long. when i came home, i connected my iphone to the macbook, launched itunes, checked the box under the music tab that said "include voice memos" and hit sync. when done syncing, i saw that under all the playlists was a section for voice memos, but nothing in it. my phone has the two voice memos, but the itunes, after syncing everything, does not. i repeat, this is despite having checked the "include voice memos" box.


has anyone faced this issue before? is there any way for me to transfer these memos to my computer? any way to get the syncing to work?


any help would be greatly appreciated.


hope the new year is treating everyone well so far. cheers!...r

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1