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I'm in a mess.  Why am I getting this mesage when I click on tyhe iCloud icon in System Preferences?  I don't seem to be able to make it my primary account because if I attempt to log out the darn thing wants to remove email, calendars, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all!


In the old fashioned days of Mobile Me, I had by Apple account running perfectly and my wife could sync our calendars etc on her iMac with no problems...


Now, it's all gone awal...    I did purchase an iPhone 4 six months ago and I'm wondering if that's become the Primary account.


So how do I go about reversing this without loosing every business contact and appointment I have on my MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro 2.4GHz, Mac OS X (10.7), MacBookPro 2.4GHz iMac 2.2GHz
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    The first iCloud account you enter, in System Preferences>iCloud, is the primary account and will sync calendars etc. You can enter a second account at System Preferences>Mail, Contacts & Calendars to access another account's email but it will not sync your calendars etc. Syncing can take place only to one account.


    If you are not signed in to the account you want to use you need to sign out. Before doing this you can uncheck each facility in the list, whereupon you will be asked if you want to save your data on your Mac.


    When you sign into a different account syncing will take place from its calendars etc.


    Only calendars and contacts listed under 'iCloud' are affected by this. Data under 'On My Mac' is not affected and is not syncing.

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    Thanks Roger


    Terrific.   Like you I've been raised on Macs from the 80s and know a fair bit, but I can't get my head around iCloud.  I'm a Quark Xpress man really, and live quitle close to Ralph Johns who you doubtless know.



    Thanks again




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    It's a really bad idea to post your email address - it's an invitation to spam - and I've asked the Hosts to remove it.


    I'm afraid I don't know Ralph - I haven't been to Bournemouth since around 1957