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I regenerated the previews in two projects in Aperture so the retouched photos are updated on my iPad.  Now, none of the 832 images in one project show up in iTunes and only 23 of 762 show up in another project.  The images look fine in Aperture (although I don't know if I can display previews). The projects I didn't regenerate are OK in Aperture & in iTunes.

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    Hello John,

    perhaps one of the solutions in this thread will solve that problem?


    Re: iTunes suddenly show 0 photos from Aperture




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    I have seen the same results and posted a query last week.




    Several other people have mentioned the same thing, although for most people it works fine.  I have to believe it's a bug at this point, although I do not know why it happens to some people and not others.  That would imply there is a pattern we can find that reveals the bug, and a different pattern in which everything works fine.


    So, questions back to you:

    • Do you have "Generate preview immediately" set?
    • Have you ignored Aperture and iTunes for a while and then come back to see what happens?
    • Do you have any projects which are synced correctly?
    • For your two projects that are not synced correctly, what is your project and album structure to get to those?  I.e., "Folder/Folder/Project/Album", or something like that... I'm wondering if the problem is with some sort of nesting of containers...  When I get home I can post the structure of my problematic photos.



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    Generate review automatically is set, but it only does so when loading.  I have scanned in old negatives and am retouching them to remove scratches and dust.  I was trying to get the previews updated so that they can sync to my iPad.


    All but the two projects where I forced the previews to regenerate are fine.


    I have my photos separated into events by year.  Since I have a Mac, I don't have to worry about having iTunes look in nested folders.  It gets all the photos from Aperture.


    It looks like Leonie's thread pointed to the solution.  I switched from one Aperture library to another, quit Aperture and moved back to the original when I restarted it.  iTunes sees the previwes correctly.