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I am a singer-songwriter who records with drum loops, live bass, live electric guitar and vocals.


None of my amps work at the moment--I create a new track and no matter which amp I click, I still get the clean sound of the dry guitar.


I've tried playing with levels, rebooted, deleted a track and started a new one---nothing.


Any hints? Thanks.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Turn on monitoring in track info. Make sure your interface is set to monitor playback. Or monitor from the mac's output.

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    Hi...cannot find "Track info," please, thanks...

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    Press cmd-i.

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    Thanks again.


    Perhaps I wasn't clear.



    My issue is that I can hear my electric guitar perfectly well through GB and the M-Audio Fast Track interface I am using.


    The issue is none of the amps can be heard when I select any one of them---in other words, I still hear the sound of my clean, no-amp guitar.


    The issue comes and goes, too - one day all the amps work, the next day I can reboot, unplug, restart, turn somersaults or what have you but still cannot get an amp on my guitar.




    I can reach the INFO, as it turns out.  There the amps are, all the pedals, everything.


    They just can't be heard, or recorded.



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    If you are monitoring through the M-Audio then you have the choice of dry or wet signal. If you have it set for dry you will hear the guitar before it is sent to gargeband. If you set it to wet you will hear the signal being sent to the master track and hear amps and effects. On my fast track pro it uses a mix knob to blend wet and dry I think some have a switch to toggle between the two.

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    thanks anyway. 

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    I can't see what you are doing and you have given very little info on you setup. So all I can do is guess what you did.



    Try plugging headphones into your mac. Choose the built-in output  for output and the M-audio for input. Set  channel to mono channel 2. You should now be able to hear the amps.

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    Here's my problem.


    My guitar amps don't work now.  It isn't matter of plugging my headphones into my iMac because if I close the new track I'm working on and go to one I completed a week ago, the guitar amps work on that guitar track.  I can get any sound I want.


    Open a new track, create a new track using "electric guitar," and no amps work. I hear the sound of a dry guitar.


    Am going through M-Audio Fast Track in GB '11.


    I have hit some @#$@#$ switch or something.  I am spending hours just trying to get the @#$@#$ thing to work so I can make some @#$@#$ music.




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    Finally went to Apple store, kind clerk advised me to reinstall GB.


    I did. Problem solved in ten minutes.


    Don't know why no one thought of this, included me - but there it is.  Software corrupted somehow.


    Thanks for all your input, folks.