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I signed up for an iTunes connect account and it doesn't let me as

The following error(s) occurred:

  • The seller name you entered is already being used for an iTunes Connect account that distributes Book. Sign in to iTunes connect with that account to manage its content, or continue with this application and enter a different seller name.


Okay, so when signing in, it shows me the following error.


Apple ID does not have permission to access iTunes Connect.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I do have the same problem :-/

  • bookarts Level 1 (20 points)

    This happened to me as well. The trouble for me was that I submitted my application too soon after getting my EIN number, so it wasn't in the system yet when Apple tried to verify my tax ID number. They sent me an email with a link, but I was traveling out of the country, and by the time I got back, somehow the email had been accidentally deleted. So I tried to log in, and go the same message as you. I just sent Apple an email and they re-sent their email with the link to me again. I used the link in the email and was able to complete the sign-up process.


    My guess is that you somehow have not completed the sign-up process, so you don't have an iTunes Connect account yet, but that Apple user ID is still associated with your application and thus no longer available.


    I know support is probably slower than usual right now because of iBooks Author, but I think that is your best bet for determining what you need to do next in order for your account to be activated. My problem was back in December and I had a response pretty fast.


    Good luck!

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    thanks for your support.


    I only sign in and didn't receive any confirmation email :-(

    So it is a send mail problem from Apple or a receive problem from my ISP: I don't have any spam-filter but my ISP has one.


    I will first contact try my ISP and then with Apple. I will write contact apple via this dialog




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    What e-mail address did you use to get into contact with Apple please?

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    I signed up last month (December 2011) but didn't receive any confirmation email or whatever from Apple. Now I have exactly the same problem: don't have access to iTunes Connect and can't sign up again using my Apple ID and Legal Entity Name. 


    I wrote to and this morning ... hopefully they can fix my problem ...


    I am surprised to see so many ppl here have the same problem ... sigh ...

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    I wrote to  devprograms<at> but I wasn't lucky:


    Technical support for the iBook Author app is currently available via telephone. To receive support for the app, please visit the following to find the telephone number appropriate for your region:


    Contacting Apple for Support and Service:




    So I call the german hotline also without chance :-/ (very nice support but could not help me)


    Now I wrote to like you and now I am waiting for an positive answer.

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    So I received a new support mail but unfortunately it does not help :-(


    Hello frederic,


    Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Support regarding your iBookstore account.


    The first step is for you to create an iBookstore account through iTunes Connect.  Please use the following link:




    After your account is setup you can begin creating iBooks with a free application called iBooks Author. You can access this application through the Mac App Store. The system requirement for this will be to use a Mac.


    If you have any questions about the processes after that, or with specific questions regarding the details of the iBookstore please use the following address:




    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, and if you have any questions for us please don’t hesitate to ask.

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    When I contacted them about an issue I was having with uploading my sample book, the first email they sent back had nothing to do with my original question. My guess is that the initial response is always fully or partially automated with an algorithm that picks out key words and sends its best guess for the right response based on those key words. I think when you respond to that email, that's when a real person actually reads it and you might get some help. At least that has been my experience - I don't expect to get the right answer from ANY customer service department the first time.


    What I would do in your case is to respond to the email they sent you and also cc the new email address they gave you for the iBookstore. I always just try to, in as friendly a way as possible, tell them that the information they provided me was not exactly what I was looking for, and I provide clarification of my request.

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    it seems to be the same problem (but I didn't submit any book)


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    again and again the same story....


    Thank you for contacting Apple Developer Support regarding iBookstore.


    If you are in need of assistance with your iTunes Producer account or assistance with iBookstore issues, please contact the iBookstore team:




    We hope that this information is helpful to you. Please let us know if you have any questions about this information.

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    I got an answer from apple support

    My login stills wrong but I hope that it will work a day (as soon as Apple verified my ID)..

    Wait and see.



    When reviewing your iBookstore application we had an issue verifying your U.S. Tax ID and legal entity name with the records at the IRS. You can reenter your information <here (link removed>>


    Note that if you recently registered for a U.S. Tax ID, it can take time for it to become part of the IRS database records even though it has been issued to you for use. We cannot validate your U.S. Tax ID information until it is in the IRS database records.


    When reentering your information, take care to avoid these common mistakes:

    • Select the correct Tax ID type (SSN/ITIN or EIN).
    • Enter your Legal Entity Name exactly as it is registered with the IRS.
    • Use your Legal Entity Name and not a doing business as (DBA) name.
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    I haven't heard anyting from or since Jan 27 ... not even an automatic reply acknowledging that they have received my email ... Is there such a automatic reply if you send emails to these two addresses?

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    It is not normal not to have any answer from apple.

    Wait til monday and write again but only to

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