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I'm a budding audiophile.  The best way to listen to music on my stereo is to hook a USB from my computer to my stereo's USB type B input and run it through my integrated amp/DAC. However, my computer and my stereo are not co-located, so I end up streaming the music from iTunes to my ATV2 via AirPlay, and hook my ATV2 into my integrated amp/DAC with a toslink cable.


I'd really like to just hook up my iPhone to the integrated amp/DAC with a single cable which bypasses the iPhone's DAC, and sends the pure digital signal to my integrated amp/DAC. There are a number of hardware components that you can to hook the iPhone/iPod to and bypass the DAC (see the Wadia Trandport 170), but why should we have to by a big, clunky, $300 piece of equipment to just bypass a software feature?  Does an app exist that will allow us to do the same thing? Could there be one, or is it physically not possible without external hardware?

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    The iPhone 4 and 4S have direct digital output via a digital AV HDMI adaptor:  However, unless your DAC has an HDMI input, you'll need a HDMI audio de-embedder which outputs digital via toslink or coax.


    Apple Digital AV Adapter


    Atlona HDMI Audio De-Embedder with 3D Support

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    Why don't you stream via airplay from your iPhone to ATV?  You setup ATV to connect with the toslink and into the DAC, which would then bypass the iPhone's DAC.

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    Apparently you didn't read the OP's post where he stated he was already doing what you suggested (last sentence of 1st paragraph) and was asking how to do a direct connection to his amp/DAC (1st sentence of 2nd paragraph).


    You noticed and realized that this thread has been dormant for 15 months and the OP has certainly solved this issue.  Right?


    Please don't waste everyone's time with untimely and useless suggestions.

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    Hey modular747, what's your problem?  I'm stating that because streaming into the ATV that is hooked up via toslink bypasses not only the iphone DAC, but the ATV DAC.  Plues, there's the added advantage of simultaneously charging the battery.  Therefore, I don't see the point in changing his configuration.  You misreading my why question in that I'm not asking why in the context of a suggestion.  I literally am asking why he does not want to stream via airplay.  I forgot two words: "want" and "to".   Thanks for the smartass response when it was never directed to you in the first place.

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    You still don't comprehend what the OP is asking or even what you already said. I did not "misread" anything, Not including  the words "want to" completely changes the meaning of your post, and we both know you didn't "forget" anything - merely now trying to cover up your nonsense.


    It's abundantly clear that he already understands that connecting ATV to the DAC in his amp using Toslink (optical digital) bypasses the DAC in the ATV and source device, which is what he's already doing with his computer. Why he wants a direct connection without using ATV is completely irrelevant.


    Plues, there's the added advantage of simultaneously charging the battery.

    Huh?? More nonsense from you!!  Airplay is a WiFi connection and can't charge anything. In fact, a direct connection using the Apple Digital Adaptor DOES allow for charging.  Perhaps that's why he wants a dirtect connection with an iPhone...

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    You are full of assumptions.  It's not nonsense.  By streaming, you can use the dock connector port for charging, whereas hooking up via the adapter you mention into the optical audio input of the DAC will then not allow him to use the dock port on the iphone for charging.  I'm done with this thread because you are for whatever offended by my unclear original post and apparently have all the answers and know what I'm thinking in my head.  You are the best.  Congratulations.  You have superior technical knowledge and understand human psychology to the point where you can answer my thoughts and intentions without a doubt.


    Don't bother writing back as I will not visit this thread ever again, as I don't want to waste my time with your superiority complex any further.

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    Hey guys, there's one thing you don't consider: the Airplay streaming doesn't bypass the DAC integrated in the device that streams the music to the Apple TV.


    Note this: if you connect your Macbook to the amplifier's DAC with USB and play music, you can notice that every audio control is disabled due to the internal DAC bypass. If you stream music with Airplay you can notice that every audio control is still active: you still can set volume and equalization. What does it mean? It means that there is a Digital to Analog (for audio control) conversion and again an Analog to Digital (for the streaming) conversion made by the internal DAC of the Macbook. It is true that Apple TV streams the signal via Toslink, but this workflow makes the amplifier hi-end DAC completely useless, because it recieves a bad double pre-converted signal.

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    His post was 3 years ago.