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OK, so I have some Notes on my iPhone. When I sync it with my Mac, iTunes says it's sync'ing Notes, along with all the other stuff.


But then where do those Notes go on the Mac? I can't find them with Finder or Searchlight, or in iTunes. Shouldn't this be intuitively obvious in some way? Or am I just dense? Apple's online manual for the iPhone doesn't cover this, either.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), G4 dual 1GHz
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    iOS files like to remain hidden from end users...kind of how things work.


    It is somewhere within your iTunes backup file. Not really accessible.


    You may want to look into a note program such as Evernote, to sync notes to and from your iDevice.

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    I don't understand.

    "sync" means, "compare these things on device 1 with the same things on device 2, and make them both current, so that they both match."


    When you sync iTunes, the songs in the iPhone's iPod app get matched with the selected songs in iTunes on the Mac/pc.


    When you sync calendar events, the iPhone's Calendar gets matched with iCal on the Mac.


    When you sync Contacts on the iPhone, those entries get matched with Address Book on the Mac.


    So it stands to reason that there must be someplace on the Mac that holds "Notes things." If Notes on the iPhone go down some rat hole on the Mac, why would Apple bother sync'ing them at all? The effect for the user would then be completely nil. Except, I guess, when you sync that Mac with another iPhone -- those notes would go into the new iPhone and be visible there. Or after wiping all the data off an iPhone, sync'ing it with that Mac would restore them onto the iPhone.


    But it would be un-Apple-like in the extreme for those notes not to go into a collection of TextEdit documents somewhere on the Mac. Did they actually flub this?? In a sync-coupling operation, is the more sophisticated device the one that CAN'T see these documents? Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?


    What I would like (and frankly, expect) to be able to do, is to capture data, say, from a web page on the go into a Note on my iPhone (this much I've done, using the iPhone's Select-Copy-Paste feature), and then sync it into a form that I can capture and manipulate its text (and maybe even images) on my Mac. I can't believe that Apple wouldn't enable this in some way!


    To paraphrase Yogi Berra, 'If Steve Jobs were alive, he'd be rolling in his grave.'

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    Hey, it allows other companies to make money off of Apple's shortcomings. Check out Evernote.

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    Note that I write on my iPhone (using the yellow note pad), transfer via iCloud to my MAC email. For me they are bolder type so do stand out.

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    This worked thank you. I don't use the cloud but a direct sync from my iPhone worked also.

    The 'Notes' are in Mac mail under 'REMINDERS', along with 'Flagged'