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I've been having some issues with iTunes lately and it's really starting to annoy me.


During the holidays giveaways from apple I downloaded some of the "gifts" to my iPhone. After connecting the iPhone to my MBP I used File -> Transfer Purchases From iPod to transfer these items to my iTunes library.


After this, I have experienced a lot of issues. First, I got this annoying prompt when connecting the iPhone, something like; Something has changed bla bla bla, do you want to apply changes. This started happening all the time, so someone proposed that you could choose to sync photos and then uncheck the sync box again. This actually solves the issue, but only temporary. Every now and then the prompt reappears and I have to do it all over again.


The second issue that is really starting to become frustrating is that every time I rip or purchase a new album, connects the iPhone and copy songs to the iPhone, iTunes allegedly transfers more songs than the album contains.


If the CD contains 14 tracks, I select these tracks and drag them to the iPhone in iTunes. The status window then reads something like "Copying 1 of 43 tracks to …." There should obviously only be 14 tracks!


Every time I transfer tracks to the iPhone, it tells me that it is copying an additional 29 tracks! Since the tracks are already on my iPhone, nothing is actually transferred, it only tells me its transferring files. The felling I'm getting is that there is some "old" or "cued" transfers somewhere and I need to delete or reset some file somewhere to stop this insanity. Any suggestions?


// Gus

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