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Adam Woodhams Level 1 (30 points)

Just trying to get this footage to import & iMovie won't see the cam' at all.

I have n idea what is going on & I can't find a work-around.

Anyone have any bright ideas?

  • AppleMan1958 Level 7 (27,415 points)

    This camera should work in iMovie using AVCHD mode.

    The camera has several settings. Choose 60i or 30P or 24P. Do not choose 60P.


    The easiest way to import is to stick your memory cards in a USB card reader. If you instead choose to import from the camera directly via USB, make sure the camera is plugged into wall power, not batteries only.


    More on 60P...


    iMovie cannot handle 60P natively, nor can a TV set.


    If you are comfortable hacking your Mac, you can try this (at your own risk).


    If you don't want to hack your Mac, you will need to convert the 60P to 30P using a third party app before importing to iMovie. I would suggest ClipWrap or Voltaic but there are others as well.

  • Sameer Ab.Kadir Level 1 (10 points)

    Hey Adam, I don't know whether you've already resolved the situation or not, but I had the same situation as well... and I managed to get the solution to it (without following AppleMan1958 style)... Note: The camera I'm using is the Sony NEX-VG20E so it should be the same as yours...


    (I assume that you have connected the camera to a power source, linked it up to the computer via USB and then launch iMovie)


    Step 1: Go to


    iMovie >> File >> Import >> Camera Archive


    Step 2: click on the "Memory Card" icon from Devices (if you have connected your camera properly through USB Connect, then the icon would have shown)


    Step 3: It should indicate "Camera Archive detected - click Import to proceed", then just click Import


    By now, you will see the Import window for your camera loaded with the videos that you've taken, checked, and ready for import...


    Hope this solves your situation...

    P.S.: I have no idea why suddenly iMovie didn't detect mine at first, but after going through this process, iMovie detected the camera from that point onwards...



    Sameer Ab Kadir


  • Matty Apple Level 1 (0 points)

    Please Note: The iMovie software does not support AVCHD 60p video. To be able to edit your HD video in iMovie, we suggest you set your camcorder to record in AVCHD 60i or AVCHD 24i or MP4. If you’ve already recorded videos in 60p, you'd better convert it to a compatible format on your Mac computer and impor the converted video to iMovefor further editing with the below guide.


    Guide: Make 1080 50p/60p MTS editable for iMovie on Mac OS X


    If your resource file is not 60p and your iMovie also doesn't surpport it, you can click here to learn more.