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Sorry not a question but a bug report witch I dont know where to post at Apple...


Severity: Medium/Low (Performance)


XSAN 2.3 Clients with StorNext MDC > V4.1 < 4.2.2(?)



In logfiles of the metadata controller you see these errors:


[0125 11:22:28] 0x4243a940 (**Error**) [Node 13] Data Token V4 Request made for Inode 0x50b9ec5 with invalid type: inode flags 0x888 mode 042775 Operation/Read  ByteOffs/0x0 HintLength/0x4000 Type/0x0 flags/0x0 Updated Size 0x0


The Nodes are always pointing to XSAN Clients >= 2.3 (MacOS 10.7)


The XSAN Client is pre-load all extents when a file is opened, it appears to be an optimization done by Apple. However, the code is also being executed for directories which leads to clients making FsmDataToken() requests. This is incorrect behavior since clients never perform I/O on directories.


It needs to be fixed in the XSAN Clients.


Side effects I observed appart from log files:

If you had a large, fragmented directory, the first access may be really slow do to the wasted RPCs to download extents.

Mac OS X (10.7.2)