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Delayed live screen drawing with tools in Photoshop CS5 on my iMac running system 10.6.7.

Hi there. Recently, I've been having issues with the tools. There's a distinct DELAY in the live drawing. For example, if I open a random image, take the pencil, paintbrush, or even eraser tool, and I draw a large line across the image, I don't see anything. If I zoom in or out 1 click, I see the line. If I draw ANOTHER line, same thing - I need to zoom in or out to see it. With all of the tools. I've never had this issue before and it's incredibly frustrating (that might be an understatement as you can imagine - I use PS daily as I am a full-time designer.) Any ideas or solutions? I've already TRASHED my preferences and reset the tool. If it IS a driver issue (which is weird, because this issue just recently started happening) I contacted the driver manufacturer (AMD) and was told:

"Unfortunately, Apple does not authorize us to release drivers for their products.

All drivers are provided to Apple who then customize and release them to their customers.

You will need to contact Apple to obtain the most current drivers for your product."


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)