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The Apple "Open In" limit of 10 apps has removed the option to open PDF files in some of my apps.

A large number of apps now support PDF, and I can not delete other apps to make this work.


Is there a normal workable solution to this problem?


Sean Udal

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    Here's hoping someone gets back to this question. The iPad has become nearly unusable in a fleet of enterprise customers because of this.


    Another way to word the problem: Multiple (way over 10) apps now open pdf files. if we view a pdf in safari and then want to "open in" ibooks or some other app, that option may not be available because of the 10 app limit in the "open in" dialogue. Apple should remove the 10 app limit and make this scrollable. I have hundreds of apps on my iPad and 10 is a laughably small number of apps to open pdfs. Here are a list of types of apps that I use that need to be able to open pdfs:


    iBooks, e-signature apps, google docs apps, pdf annotation apps, pdf signature apps, travel apps


    I did a count and I personally have over 25 of these apps that open pdfs. Therefore limiting the list to 10 is simply unacceptable for business customers & power users alike. PLEASE FIX THIS APPLE!

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    The problem was solved for me when I deleted iBooks.


    The 10 app limit then disappeared and I now have all apps relevant to the file type I am opening available in the "open in" list. In the case of PDFs, I now have 16 apps that I can choose from. It would have been more but I deleted half a dozen trying to get Dropbox and Evernote back on the list!


    I can live without iBooks, as the problem it was causing was far greater than the use I got from it.


    I don't understand how this has been an ongoing issue for Apple for so long.

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    I think it only started when I did an update. I just got notification of another ipad update today. I will do that and let you know if it goes away.

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    Issue was not fixed with 1. the new ipad update or 2. deleting and reinstalling ibooks as some have suggested.

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    I removed iBooks, and left it off. Like you have discovered, reinstalling iBooks brings the problem back.

    I am 99.9% certain the issue is entirely down to the presence of iBooks, and leaving it off my iPad solved the issue completely for me.