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Just switched from mobileme to godaddy as my web host.  Since that time, when I go to view my changes (by going though "view" in iweb, putting in address in safari or firefox) it only shows me my site up to the time I switched.  The updates are visible from any other computer but mine.  Help!

MacBook Pro
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    Clear your browser's cache (Command+Option+E for Safari) and reload the site.



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    Cleared cache.  Cleared cookies.  Typed website into new browser window.  Still no luck.

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    What's the URL of your site so we can examine it first hand?  And what do we look for to tell if we're viewing the updated verson?

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    Well, I cleared everything again (both cache and cookies) then shut down and restarted my computer.  This time the site opened correctly.  I've bookmarked it.  I'll make changes this weekend and then see if I can see them right away...that's my concern.  My url is www.spiritsgym.com.  I do a blog update every Monday so that is the best place to tell if updates are going through.  The old site, pre-godaddy, has a green box near the header at the top that says "Jungle Jam info" or something like that.  The updated site has both a green and a pink box near the header...that was my first clue something wasn't right.  Thanks for all of your help with this.  It seems the problem is just mine and just in my computer with my iweb or my safari or something.  I'll know more soon I guess.  Thanks again.

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    you need to delete your cname record at godaddy. currently, it points to web.me.com

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    Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!!!