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Does anyone know how to generate the Table of Contents in iBooks Author?  I have tried exporting a PDF, and previewing on the iPad, but the Table of Contents is never generated and I am finding it difficult to structure my thoughts.  Before I give up and revert to Pages to create the text for import into iBooks, perhaps someone knows how the TOC generation works and what I have to do to prompt iBooks Author to generate one?


I note that there is no manual for iBooks Author - as usual, and regrettably.  Apple has a blind spot about manuals - while Apple software is generally fairly easy to use, I find the learning process is significantly increased because of the lack of decent manuals.

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  • K T Level 7 Level 7

    The iBA Help has info on: table of contents


    Which includes:

    Each book comes with a table of contents that is updated automatically. You can view the table of contents at any time by selecting Table of Contents in the sidebar. The table of contents includes a default set of items, but you can change which items appear. A table of contents can include:

    • Chapter and section titles: All chapter and section titles are included in the table of contents by default. If you remove a section from the table of contents, all other sections that use the same layout are removed as well.
    • Text that uses specified paragraph styles: By default, the table of contents includes all paragraphs in the book that use the Heading 1 and Heading 2 style, but you can include whichever styles you like. Paragraph styles appear in the table of contents only in portrait orientation. See Format text using styles.

    The way the table of contents looks depends on the current page orientation. In landscape orientation (shown below), each chapter has its own contents page, with navigation buttons at the bottom. In portrait orientation, the entire book’s table of contents is visible as an expandable list.

    Add or remove items in the table of contents

    1. If the Document inspector isn’t open, click Inspector in the toolbar and click the Document Inspector button.
    2. Click the TOC button.
    3. Do either or both of the following:
      • To add an item: Click the Add pop-up menu , choose Add Paragraph Style, and choose an option from the submenu.
      • To remove an item: Select the item you want to remove and click the Delete button .


  • ByronBound Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks KT.  However, it doesnt work.  Only Section and Chapter headings are ever included.  I have reported it as a bug.

  • iMacange Level 2 Level 2

    I just had the same problem as I deleted what was written in the TOC and could not put it back on.


    At the end, I gave up and created a new template and copy/paste everything I had done. And now it works perfectly.

  • cozart94 Level 1 Level 1

    i can't get this to work, either.


    for example, i have the TOC list in the Inspector set to display Paragraph Style "Figure Title" in the Table of Contents. i have 4 objects so far using this Paragraph Style and none of them show up in the TOC regardless of orientation.

  • dshebby Level 1 Level 1

    Me neither ... this is a big pain to deal with.  Can someone help or can apple send an update? HELP!


    I am using the Life On Earth example as a benchmark for the TOS page.  I have 5 chapters and I am trying to make each landing page (from the TOS) page look different to symbolize a different chapter and it doesnt work when inputting a photo background.  It will show the different chapter name but if I paste a photo in then that photo becomes the background for all 5 chapters.  It wont let me separate this by chapter. 


    I am pulling my hair out here...  Any ideas?

  • jpm_asc Level 1 Level 1


    Have a look at the "Modern Type" template. It has multiple Chapter-level layouts, all the same with backgound color change. In your book, you can use any of these and get a different look four your chapter.


    I'd try duplicating one of the layers, and use the copy in the book pages. Then you should be able to specify an image of that chapter in particular.

  • Barnheisel Level 2 Level 2

    you need to drag and drop the different photos for each chapter on to the media place holder on each chapter page. Then the master TOC page will change to that image depending on which chapter you are currently in.


    do not drg anything on to the master TOC page, if you do, that will appear on each chapter TOC.

  • Fabe Level 3 Level 3

    "do not drg anything on to the master TOC page, if you do, that will appear on each chapter TOC." - Barnheisel


    I can attest to the fact that it really screws things up. - Fabe

  • GCris Level 1 Level 1


    I have tried your suggestion and even had my husband (who is an editor) work on it for several hours. All the chapters now have different photos-thanks to your suggestions and lots of trial and error. Its the Sections we're having issues with. Somehow I got one photo to work in the TOC for one Section, but have several other Sections...Preface, Appreciation Page that I can't get to work so far. I'm honestly not sure how I got the one Section to work. I had practically given up when I checked and the Section photo did not show up on all the other Sections and Chapters. I should have gone backwards to figure it out at that point, but unfortunately I didn't...and now can not get back to what ever it was that I did to make it work.


    The issue is that whenever I drag in a photo, it shows up on all the TOC pages.


    Do you know anything about why this might be happening?

  • Barnheisel Level 2 Level 2

    Any thing you drag onto the Master TOC page will show up on all chapter TOC pages.

    (unless you drag onto and replace the placeholder image (the one that is the same as on the chapter pages)


    and any thing you drag onto the Master Chapter page and section page will show up on each chapter and section pages.


    If you want something to only show up on a specific chapter page (say chapter 2) make sure you are on the chpater 2 page and not the master chapter page.


    if you want a different image on each chapter TOC page, drag and replace the place holder image.

    you can only have one unique image per chapter TOC page though. It is taged "main Image" and there can only be one per chapter.


    make sure there is an image on each master section page, preface page etc that is taged "main image"

    it will be the one used on the coresponding TOC page.


    It is quite confusing, but there is a set way it works.


    Hope that helps



  • GCris Level 1 Level 1

    Okay-this is what I've done so far. For the Chapter that wouldn't show a photo, I went into the layout and clicked on the chapter and when the planet picture showed up I clicked on original size. That allowed it to be replaced somehow. I know there is another step to this, but who knows what it was!


    Right now, I am working on the Sections. I clicked on Preface, changed the name to Appreciation, Introduction, whatever, then copied and pasted the previous Appreciation, Introduction page, etc.into the new doc.-after adding the photo and also Adding Pages via Add Pages. Then I deleted the previous Appreciation, Introduction pages and dragged the new one from the Layout area into the left-hand column by clicking and holding on them and moving them down. Wow-amazing! Who would know to do this? Crazy!


    So-after you replace the picture with your own, you have to click on the Add Pages button and click the Default button (in my case because I want two columns) then paste your chaper into it. Then you drag it down and change the name, then delete the one it is replacing-very confusing!


    That's just about all I can do for two days! Tomorrow... to figure out how to make the Supporting Research (aka References Sections) and About Author Pages show up in the TOC...and I thought this would be so simple. Live and Learn-eh? Thanks for your help Barnheisel. It has kept me going here.

  • GCris Level 1 Level 1

    If you do what I did with the Sections area to get the TOC to work so that it shows a Copyright Notice, Preface, Appreciaiton, Introduction, the Chapters and then the Supporting Research - all in their own sections with their own pictures, be sure NOT to click on the Apply Changes button. That will cause all kinds of issues throughout the ibook-changes font, adds photos in various sections and even deleted one section entirely. Anyway, so far so good. Its previewing correctly on my iPad, so lets hope it publishes this way.

  • scoutami Level 1 Level 1

    I was struggling with creating a TOC in iBooks Author, frustrated that I could not get paragraph styles to show. Turns out they only show in Portrait view. Very not useful for me but at least I can stop trying to get it to work the way I want it to now. Hope Apple fixes this soon.


    From the O'Reilly book:

    Only chapters and sections appear in the TOC when you or your readers are in landscape mode; other paragraph styles appear when you switch to portrait orientation.

  • LeftCoastMichael Level 1 Level 1

    I inserted photos easily into the inividual chapter TOC's, then later I wanted to replace one. This does not seem possible?  I cannot even delete it by cut/copy.

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