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I recently 'invested' in a HD 5870 for my Mac Pro 3,1 (OS X 10.7.2, Dual Quad Core Xeon 2.8 Ghz, 8 GB ram).  It's a fantastic card and makes a big difference to FCP and gaming.  HOWEVER.  I've noticed a MAJOR issue, if you put the Mac Pro to sleep then after waking the GPU seems to function at one fifth normal speed.  I've repeatedly proven this and have even managed to measure it using LuxMark (


After a clean boot my LuxMark results are respectable:


Clean boot - 4299 (GPU only), 7130 (CPU+GPU)


However, after sleep / wake-up:


After sleep - 864 (GPU only)


And you can REALLY feel that slowdown, windows paint slowly, scrolling stutters.  (Games are unplayable, only a reboot resolves).


Anyone else seen this issue / have any recommendations?

Mac Pro / MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
  • Ricks Level 6 (11,515 points)

    I have an 8 Core 5,1 with a 5870. Never had a problem.. never slept my computer though. I'll have to try a test or two, see what happens.


    I never sleep a computer. Definitely never sleep a hard drive. Everything lasts longer and is more stable that way.


    If I can duplicate your results I'll post it back. Meantime - maybe turn off sleep 



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    Thanks Rick but "I never sleep a computer" isn't really the answer I was looking for, it's designed to be slept, just like all Mac's.  Let me know if you can replicate.

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    I always sleep my machine, i.e., never reboot unless I need to.  Sleeps every night.  I haven't noticed and slowdowns but I haven't done any quantitive measurments either.  However I think I would see the kind of drawing slowdown with the kind of numbers you are showing.


    You might try a smc reset to see if that clears anything.


    Oh, almost forgot, I do not agree that sleeping has any affect on "stability".  Maybe "hibernate" might but I never have used that.

  • Ricks Level 6 (11,515 points)

    My Luxmark score went up after a sleep period. Probably because I had less processes ongoing during the after sleep test. Alas, I had no results worth note. 


    You might check through active processes in Activity Monitor or Terminal. See if one of them is hanging or missing after sleep. Compare the lists from before and after sleep to see if any change occurred. You might also download and install the10.5.7 or 8 Combo updater. See if you can replace a possibly corrupt system file.


    I have always had my doubts about Apple fully designing to sleep. Always, since I can ever remember, has seemed an after-thought add on. Over the years I have seen many too many problems brought about by sleep. And sleep is definitely very hard on hard drives. Cold starting a hard drive is about the hardest thing you can do with them. Hence long held habits that all our drives spin 24/7.  To each their own, of course. Sleep is there, so using it is a reasonable choice in a world where power is costly and limited.


    I will run a few more repeats of that test. So far a negative.



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    same issue, mac pro 2008 (3,1) 3.2ghz ati 5870, sorry I can't help :I so far haven't turned up anything that worked.

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    you show you are running 10.7.2 Is that still true? did you keep 10.6.8 handy to dual boot? maybe want to clone your system and try 10.7.3.


    Some of the people aren't running Lion while others have the latest build.

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    I have the problem on 10.7.3


    but maybe I should make a clean install of 10.6.8 just to see that work, would prefer not to have to go that route though

  • drdukk Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem in 10.7.4


    I've noticed a twist, programs started before the sleep performs the same after sleep, (tried with xbench), but if you quit the program after sleep, and load again, performance is halved

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    Hey there.  Yes I have to say that posts that give little to no info such as "I have never had the issues, but I haven't done any tests for the issue" are massively useless and do nothing to get a major problem solved.  Is it done to boost level ratings in forums?  Who knows. 


    Anyhow, yes aboslutely, the sleep/wake graphics issue is a troubling one and somewhat disgraceful that this has not been corrected.  The bug first showed up in Lion 10.7 and was never corrected through to 10.7.5.  The problem continued right into Mountain Lion 10.8-10.8.2.  I too have a radeon 5870 in a 2.8ghz Mac Pro, a pair of them actually and both machines exhibit this problem.  Some fixes include rebooting (hardly a fix) or unpluging your monitor and replugging it in, which will do some sort of graphical reset and your speed will be returned back to normal until the next sleep-wake.  You can also try pluging in another monitor and unplugging it and it will have the same reset result.  This problem DID NOT EXIST in 10.6-10.6.8.  All tests were performed on fresh installs.


    I am taking this matter up directly with Apple as I want the problem solved yesterday.  They charge a premium amount for the radeon 5870 and there is abosolute zero excuse for this.  I am hoping that 10.8.3 corrects this, but I doubt it will.  No heads need to roll on this!  I will keep all of you posted.

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    Hope you have luck with the battle Rupe, I must admit I've resigned and now I just pay the power bill, even though it pains me from an enviromental perspective, shutting down constantly is just too annoying.


    I'm hoping a new mac pro, should it materialize, will fix everything...


    Kind regards & fingers crossed

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    I have seen only a few Early 2008's running anything past 10.6.8 that performed properly. One is a high rated forum member and would expect no less. But a lot of people stayed and WENT BACK TO 10.6.8 and gave up on Lion/ML and feels like testing was just not done.


    T here are also some bugs and issues in the EFI64 and PCIe 2.0 - both of which were introduced with the 3,1 models. And tweaked and improved in 2009 and more or less perfected in t he 2010 (2012 being  a processor speed bump).


    Sometimes firmware can be patched, an OS kernel can also WORK AROUND issues, and a driver can help. But does not look like it here.


    FBDIMMs in 2008 can also do nasty things that are not obvious. Add-on wireless and BT cards have also been found to cause trouble. Any 3rd party PCIe controllers too.

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    Video card is lowering it's frequencies when in Power Safe mode. Change your Videocard settings to Maximum Performance if you can. Or go back to older version of OS X; the driver in 10.5.8 was definitely able to lock the frequence.

  • Rupe Level 1 (5 points)

    I can 100% confirm that this filthy bug HAS BEEN SQUASHED in 10.8.3.  I am absolutely thrilled that after 2 years plus (bug was in Lion also) I can now finally move to Apple's latest version of OS X.  Open GL performance has also been restored to Lion 10.7.4 levels also.  So far this update has been excellent.  


    RE: what the Hatter said...pretty much everything you mentioned makes little sense and of course is now proven to be bunk.


    My 2008 Mac Pro has been nothing but aces in the hardware dept.  This was straight up a software bug that finally fixed.



  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    No, you actually just proved that something was WRONG with Lion and ML. That they were not properly tested, coded and implemented on your system. Seriously.

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