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i've read through all the discussions i can find on Timelines but they dont quite give me the answers im looking for, if i've missed something please direct me to the right place.


What im trying to do is plot the births and deaths of several hisorical figures on a timeline in Numbers. below i've given a sample of the data and an example of what i want it to look like (i made it in Pages and it took ages).

Screen Shot 2012-01-26 at 3.50.51 PM.png

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. also feel free to make any suggestions on improving the appearence.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Numbers
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    Hi Jim,


    Here's your data, rearranged on the table, with some added columns, presented as a scatter chart, with connected pairs of data controlling the beginning and end of each 'life line.'

    Picture 5.png

    The numbers in the yellow columns are the y values for each x,y pair. They control the height of the line above the base line.

    The names and symbols on the left are the Legend of the chart, automatically generated, but forced into a vertical stack by decreasing the width of the text box Numbers generated to hold this information.

    The Legend was repositioned to the left of the chart, and Show Y-axis labels was unchecked in the Yaxis options.

    Numbers offers no control over spacing of the list in the legend, so the chart was shortened top to bottom to fit the existing line spacing of the Legend.




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    Hi Barry,


    Thanks a million, that's exactly what i'm after. I'll try to reproduce it myself and let you know how I go.