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I was wondering if anybody got some useful advice about using MacBook Pro 15".


What kind of specific upgardes (hardware, software, accessories...) can be useful.

Especially, I would like to know any trick or tip regarding the battery. What's the safest way of recharging said battery without damaging it? How can I upgrade my utilisation of my MacBook Pro so I can make my abttery life longer. Is there a way not to damage it while using heavy applications such as LogicStudio9 or Adobe's Suite?


Is the 8Go of ram really useful or doest it consumes battery too much?

Is using a 1To external drive really helpful? Can it help making my MacBook processing informations faster?


I obviously already enhanced my settings through "system preferences" and backed up my informations as well.


My question may seem idiotic, but I'm really searching to enhance at its best my MacBook performances, since I'm gonna use it a lot, with heavy-processing tasks.


Thanks for both your help and your time.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)