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My iTunes has stopeed opening numerous times before but usually all I have to do is just restart my computer and that's that. This time it still won't open.


I have my iTunes icon pinned on my Taskbar and all that happened was it would glow like it had been selected and then stop and be a normal icon. It won't even let me click on the iTunes option on the start menu. That just doesn't work and nothing happens. The start menu stays up and it's like I'm clicking on nothing.


Quicktime, however, still works.


I have tried even going to the task manager and "iTunes.exe32" is there. I click to end process, say ok. And it doesn't. Nothing happens.


I have tried running the installer to repair it, then uninstalled it and reinstalled. Nothing. I have looked in the c: program files and nothing wrong there.


I tried plugging in my iPhone to see if iTunes would open then, it did not.



I'm already always frustrated with iTunes because it's always either not opening or freezing, ect. And their support is the worst out of any company I've ever delt with.



Please help? Suggestions?

Windows 7
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    1. First check if this file APSDaemon.exe is the problem here.

    Close your iTunes.

    Press Ctrl-Alt-Del key and choose Task Manager. In the "Processes" Tab, select the file APSDaemon.exe and click End Prosses button, then close the task manager window.

    Now open itunes and see if it is working?


    If that works, to prevent having to do the same process everytime you restart Windows, go to. START button, type in




    Hit ENTER

    Click STARTUP Tab, Uncheck "Apple Push", click OK.


    Restart Windows.


    2. If that fails or you don't see ApsDaemon.exe, refer to following article to remove SC files:



    3. If that fails, repair or reinstall your Quicktime. START / CONTROL PANEL / PROGRAMS N FEATURES / hightlight QUICKTIME and click REPAIR.