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Hi there


I am fairly new to Macs and have recently set up a small youthclub studio with 3 imacs and a macpro all running Lion. Unfortunately on the initial set up screen I registered each of the Macs in my name, not realising that would then become the overall name of the Mac and its Home folder.


I have been able to change the account name to Administrator and set up 2 other logins on each mac but the name of the Home folder for this Administrator login has not changed from my name.


Eventually I will be setting up a network and Ideally I wanted the MAcs to be name 'Studio1' 'Studio2', 'Studio 3' etc instead of all with my name!


I can change the name of the home folder for the lower level user accounts on each mac, but just not the initial one that was setup.


Is there anyway I can change this name without having to reinstall everything? I have googled this quite a bit, but am now a bit lost.


Any help much appreciated.


Many thanks



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)