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Pages for iOS, version 1.5, is a good start for a full featured word processor for the iPad but it is in need of a major upgrade. When the iPad was first introduced Pages was a good demonstration of how the touch interface could be used for a productive application. Since its introduction it has not advanced and many non-Apple apps now have much better interface and usability (and Accessibility), Inkpad by Steve Sprong for example. The following are some of the items that I believe need fixing to make this app worthy of Apple, and its price. If anyone has found 'workarounds' for any of these deficiencies or considers that my statements are wrong please add your comments.


1. No Page Layout option only Word Processing

2. No Landscape page layout

3. No way of saving files as Templates

4. Page and ruler units are in metric (cm) and can't be changed to English units (inches) even when using US Letter size (using the app in Canada). There should be a setting for choosing the units of measurement for the document

5. The Toolbar and Ruler are difficult to read due to the colour choice and low contrast graphics. This is a problem with many new Apple applications (iCal, Address Book, iPhoto). Apple should follow first principles of graphic design to make their interfaces more readable for all users.

6. The Inspector should provide ability to input dimensional information for sizing and positioning elements on the page. The screen position and dimensions shown when moving or resizing objects is too imprecise.

7. No way to add, duplicate or rearrange pages (no page thumbnail view for pages in the document)

8. Tables do not support photos, shapes, etc. even when the document is created using Pages for Mac

9. Sharing files with Pages for Mac using iCloud is clumsy. One has to download and upload files using Safari. There should be an option to sync files between Mac and iCloud in the same way as with iOS devices

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1