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I spent 6 hours today trying to get the latest update for ITunes to work on my desktop.  I completely unistalled with an uninstaller that removes everything several times, I reloaded several times and kept getting missing component error 42404 and error 7 related problems, alos mostly related to missing .dll files.  I downloaded several of them, copied to the Itunes directory and got a new missing .dll everytime until I got to one that wasn't recognized icuin36.dll, when I downloaded it.  I gave up, switched to laptop and the update went without problem.  Odd but there was no icuin36.dll on the laptop. 


Not sure why, but at least I know that it was something to do with the "situation" on my desktop.  I noted that I did not have Safari on the desktop but had it on the laptop so I tried to download it and it installed to the point of finishing, but then stopped for missing component(s) and requesting a reinstall.  I can't imagine what "compenent(s)" could be missing since I have reinstalled everyting countless times.  I have been to many threads and nothing works.  I hate to have to crank up the laptop everytime I need to use ITunes and I surely won't be buying any more songs.


And we won't mention how hosed up ITunes is with respect to OverDrive Console

iPod touch (4th generation), Win 7 64 Home Premium