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Why does iTunes Match keep telling me that my computer is associated with an Apple ID / 90 day nonsense. Also why can't I download music from the cloud? keep getting this error 11111.

iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Yep, getting this too. Something about my iMac being associated to an ID for 90 days anc I have to wait 56 days till I can associate it with another ID.


    The tracks in question were indeed uploaded via another Mac (at work), but that machine's authorised to exact same ID.



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    You will have to write into iTunes Support to have the associations released or investigated.

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    Suggest searching this forum for the well rehearsed answers to this challenge.

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    And what exactly does that mean mracole?


    Does "well rehearsed" mean there's an obvious answer, told many times, and I'm just not looking hard enough?


    If so, thanks for being so helpful. I have searched in regard to Error 11111 and it seems to be a very generic "unknown" error, covering various areas.

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    Worth searching for posts concerning successful operation with multiple Apple Ids - there are a number of potential solutions posted, pending the best match to your circumstance.  Possible solutions concern use of an emulator, 2nd computer, adding the second Apple Id library to a common library authorised for more than one Apple Id and using this as the source for the iTunes Match upload and so on.

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    But I'm not using multiple IDs... I have one single Apple ID that I've signed in as, on both Macs (at home and at work).


    Thus there shouldn't be any of this "associating" with another Apple ID.


    That's my point.

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    Apple systems must be showing your home computer is associated already with an alternate Apple Id to get the behaviour you are seeing.  If the computer has only ever been used with a single Apple Id you should definitely contact Apple immediately such that they can remedy the issue.


    Are you certain that at no time in the past the computer may have been used with an alternate Apple Id?

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    Ok, I understand what you're saying and I'll add more info now... as my previous message wasn't wrong, but missed out a factor.


    Both computers - home and work - use an alternative Apple ID for (the dying) MobileMe, so we can use BackToMyMac (a "work" Apple ID).


    But my point still stands... that iTunes itself (on both machines) is using my personal Apple ID.


    If the use of a different ID in a different application (when using the right on in iTunes) is causing this... That's something Apple need to sort.


    Having said that, thanks for the further input here.

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    OK, as noted originally, the answer is provided in a prior post ... https://discussions.apple.com/message/17566840#17566840 ... there are several others but this does cover it.  Your configuration has convinced your home mac that it is already associated with another Apple Id, sadly there is no route around this intentionally imposed 90 day restriction by Apple.


    It is clearly frustrating but Apple have implemented this deliberately - so we should not anticipate any remedy.  More importantly, great care will be required not to repeat the pattern once the initial 90 days period is complete.


    Whilst there are many other posts the conclusion is common across all.

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    I'm not saying Apple wrong to implement such restrictions/precautions. But I still stand by the fact that iTunes on *BOTH* machines is logged into my personal Apple ID.


    iTunes shouldn't give two figs what MobileMe might or might not be logging into. If I've provided the correct password for my personal ID and iTunes has uploaded to my iCloud, the I should be able to download using same ID.

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    Ok, to add to this... An update with some more information.


    I now realise that *technically* I have two Apple IDs in use.


    I have my original Apple ID, which I've had since the year dot (well, 2004 from iTunes' purchase history).


    I now also have an @me.com Apple ID, which comes from MobileMe being updated into iCloud. This is the Apple ID I use for iCloud, both on the Mac and on my iPhone and iPad.


    As far as I'm aware, you can run with a different ID for iCloud, without problems.


    I also have an Air (running Lion) and that too has the @me.com ID for iCloud and my old/original ID for iTunes itself.


    I have attempted the same Match/iCloud track stream/download and the Air does just fine, while the iMac makes the same "Your Mac  is associated to a different Apple ID and you have to wait XX days till you can associate it with another ID." and then it brings up the Error: 11111.


    (note: track in question was uploaded to Match from previously mentioned work iMac... in which case I'm assuming the alternative MobileMe Apple ID used on the work computer isn't the issue - if the Air has no problem downloading).


    Thus, I'm starting to assume it's either that *computer* itself, or specifically that *User's* settings for iTunes. Thus, I guess my next step is to create a brand new User on that iMac, set up iCloud with it's own ID, set up iTumes with it's own ID and try to download via Match.


    If it succeedes, it's just that original User Account. If it also fails, it's more likely the whole computer


    My nephew has his own User on my iMac and I believe he has his own Apple ID in his iTunes settings... but surely since it's a totally different User on the Mac, that shouldn't affect it?


    I'm in email discussion with iTunes support over this.