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I have tried to completely remove the old version of Quicktime which the computer will not allow either.

Windows XP
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    What is the error message you're getting when you try to uninstall QuickTime? (Precise text, please.)

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    Windows Installer:

    The features you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again, or enter alternate path to a folder containing the installation package "Quicktime.msi" in the box below.

    Use source:C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Adminstrator\Lo.  Once I click OK the next message is:The path 'C\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple\Apple Software Update\Quick Time.msi' cannot be found.

    Verify that you have access to this location and try again, or try to find the installation package 'Quick Time.msi' in a folder from which you can install the product Quick Time.I click OK and the message that appears is:

    Add or remove programs:The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.


    I really appreciate you assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

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    That's perfect, thanks.


    Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility from the following page (use one of the links under the "DOWNLOAD LOCATION" /___sbsstatic___/migration-images/174/17422293-1.gif thingy on the Major Geeks page):




    To install the utility, doubleclick the msicuu2.exe file you downloaded.


    Now run the utility ("Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up").


    In the list of programs that appears in CleanUp, select any QuickTime entries and click "Remove", as per the following screenshot:


    Cleanup removing quicktime.png


    Quit out of CleanUp, restart the PC. Now try another QuickTime install. Does it go through properly this time?

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    Thank you so very much, your assistance is so greatly appreciated.  Your instructions were perfect.  Thank you again.

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    You're welcome. Glad to be of some assistance.