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Anyone seen a product that allows the attachment of something as simple as a lens hood to the iPhone. In direct sunlight the pictures just wash out. Having to hold my hand over the lens to shield the sun from hitting it directly is really getting old. Not looking to attach a lens, perfectly happy with field of view and magnification, just need some relief from light hitting it directly.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    try google. 

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    You don't think that I haven't? That reeks of a smart a--- reply. "Try Google" is a lazy reply.. wish there was a option for assinine reply...


    Like I said I'm not interested in lenses, I need a simple lens hood. Google was inneffective except for one $400+ option...

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    Seriously improving your chances of getting anyone else to help you there.........NOT!

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    Your not helping either. If all one had to do to "help" around here was go around telling people to "Google It" then these would be the less useful forums in the world. I can get that tripe answer anywhere. And obviously most people will have already exhausted those options already. I stand by my original reply and you taking up for something so thoughtless doesn't put you in any better regard for thinking that's a valid answer.


    If so every post here would like like:


    Q: I need ram for my old Mac Pro whats the best brand for that?

    A: Google It.


    Q: My iPod locked up the other day, How do I hard reset it?

    A: Google It.




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    So...how's the obtaining of further assistance going for you right now?


    No-one is in any position to know what you have or haven't tried.  Would "Actually I tried Google without success but thanks for the response anyway" have killed you?


    You're the one with the bad attitude here....don't compound the insult by making like you're the injured party.

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    You seem to have derailed any futher attempts to answer what was a useful original question. I also find it very hard to use the iPhone's camera or video in bright sunlight because it's so difficult to see what you're shooting.


    A simple hood that fixed to the phone to shade its screen would be very useful, but I haven't been able to locate anything suitable either, and am not surprised that the lame suggestion to "Google it" didn't go down well.


    Meanwhile this must be a very common problem with the millions of iPhones out there. So if anyone has heard of such a device, any help would be gratefully received...

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    I suspect the market for a custom iOS lens hood isn't big enough to get anyone excited enough to develop the product. Perhaps that niche is yours.


    On the occasions I've wanted to avoid flare I've generally used whatever bit of card I can find to hand. A step up from that, while still very low tech, would be Black-Tak foil tape, which is sticky one side, matt black on the other, and can be persuaded to take the shape you want. It should be easy enough to fashion a cone or flap and stick it to your device. You could, for example, keep a sufficient quantity in a wallet for the times you might need it, make up a quick shield, then discard it when you are done.



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    A good iPhone 4s case which includes a sun visor can be found at DiffCase.com

    This case also includes mounts for a camer tripod.

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    I landed here because I encountered a problem today that maybe would be resolved with this kind of device. I was taking pictures and on the last one taken I decided there was too much flash (I was shooting down onto some product on a foil background). Well, now my camera function just is black. Nothing. Nada. My photos are there in the camera roll, but when I hit the app button for the camera I get a black screen. I can take photos from another app so I know that the hardware for picutre taking is okay. I am thinking that maybe the flash back somehow made something go screwy (I'm not a tech person so I can't even think of what the word would be). Any ideas? Various blogs suggest either an that there is some corrupted photo that needs to get deleted or the camera won't work (but my camera does work) OR to simply take the phone back and get Apple to replace it (possible but again, my camera works, my iPhone app doesn't). Thanks!

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    Hey, I just tried deleting the photo that I took before the system shut down and now it works. Jeez. I still think a lens hood may have made a difference (probably I did something with the backflash) Thanks!

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    Err NOPE, you and the other idiot are the ones with the attitude problem. If you can't say anything helpful, don't say anything at all. A bhurraidh... If you're not aware of this common Gaelic phrase, guess what ---- GOOGLE IT ....

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    Talking about idiots - responding to a THREE YEAR OLD post wins, hands down.