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i just bought my ipad2 (used and just received it. i didn't have time to sync it with any other computer), and i put a password on  it, but 5 min later i couldn't remember it. i tried several  passwords but they were wrong. now the ipad is locked. so i read online  that i need to connect it to a computer to reset it. so i tried to  connect it, but now it says that itune cannot connect to the ipad  because it is locked with a code, and that i need to put the code before  the ipad can be used with itune.


so anybody have any suggestion on how i can reset or unlock it?


also, i also just bought a apps (navigon for 40$), will i lose this app if i restore it without back up?




(i know that a lot of people already asked this kind of question, but i couldn't find answer where the ipad was locked and at the same time couldn't connect to itune).


tks for any suggestion