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Hi all,


I just bought the Thunderbolt Display: great design, beautiful product, but I can't connect it to my MacBook.


My MacBook is a late 2008 edition, with only a Mini DVI port. The guy I was talking to at the Apple Store told me it should work fine for the screen itself, but not the possibility to connect HD. Well it doesn't. I rang Apple Help Desk, explained the situation, they told me it will work if I get some specific cable.


I spent a bit of time on Internet, could not find anything. I'm a bit puzzled to hear different versions, between what Apple is saying, people claiming they actually managed to connect their display to a Mini DVI and what I'm doing...


If someone has a solution to do this and can explain it, I'll be very happy to hear it. Else, I guess I will just have to bring back the monitor...


Thanks for your help,