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Product iMac with Lion

In my numbers programe I kept a file of all my addresses.   Somehow, and I don't know how or when (although I think it is n the last month or so) the file has gone.   All I now have, and I don't know where it came from, is a file saying addresses..copy.pdf.   I don't seem to be able to get much help from my Time Machine.  What I want to do is get that file back into a working file in Numbers.  Is this possible?  Thanks  Derek

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    I have found that I can open pdfs that have tables in Preview or another pdf viewer called Skim and can copy columns of data out which I can paste in Numbers.


    To copy a column hold the option key which selecting a range (column) in your pdf. Then copy and paste into a table in Numbers.

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    I have tried your idea, and yes it works but will obviously take a while to copy an 89 row of about 7 columns.  But I do seem to have come accross a difficulty.  Selecting and copying a full column is fine bit when you come to a column with some gaps in e.g in an address one of the addresses could be longer than others meaning that in that column there will be gaps.  Other than doing that column in bits and pieces is there any other way please.

    If not I will get there in time!


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    There is another approach, and that is to use an Optical Character Recognition application to convert the data from PDF to text. Theoretically it should be easier to simply select and copy text from the PDF, but if formatting problems are foiling your direct copy, the OCR is worth a try. A free one that I like is "PDF OCR X.app"





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    Thanks - one way or another I should be able to get there.