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I purchased iMatch for the sole purpose of utilizing the 5 additional devices for my audio lifestyle. I have 8 devices that I listen to music from at any part of the day, so the increase to 10 devices as touted by the iMatch benefits seemed great. However, iTunes authorization still has a 5 device limit on it, regardless if you have iMatch or not. Any work arounds for this?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    My understanding is that it's up to 5 computers, and up to 10 devices.


    "Computer" meaning a PC that runs the iTunes client (ie. a Windows or MacOS system) and "Device" meaning a PC with iTunes OR an iOS device like an iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad.

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    I have my Mac, AppleTV (in the bedroom), Mac-Mini (as a media center), and Macbook. Then, Parallels on both my Mac and my Macbook. That's 6 "computer devices". I then have my iPhone and iTouch (micro computers). Those are just 'my' personal devices in my household, totaling 8 "devices". I can't authorize my Mac-mini for iMatch, because I can't log into my account with it, since I've already authorized 5 "computers".


    I don't think my scenario is too outstanding for this media age we live in. A computer is a device by standard definitions. This seems like an oversight on Apple's part.

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    iTunes "authorization" is not quite the same as as a device being eligible for iTunes Match. "Authorization" is a hold over from the days when all the music on the iTunes Store still had DRM on it. Now "authorization" is required for video content playback, books and Apps, but not really for music playback. Although your computer does have to be "authorized" to be able to have iTunes Match active. So, as robeet says, you can have up to 5 computers authorized to your iTunes store account, which are then also eligible for iTunes Match.


    But you don't have to have all 5 computers signed into iTunes Match. If you only have iTM enabled on, say, 2 computers you still have another 8 devices you can use iTM on in pretty much any combination.


    So a computer is both a computer (for account authorization) and a device (for iTunes Match).

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    It seems like an inconvienice to make us remove all of our devices from authorization in order to authorize 1 computer to use iMatch, then deauthorize it, and authorize the rest again. There is a chicken and egg scenario here for me because I own 1 'computer' too many.

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    Any iOS devices do not have to be "authorized" in the same way a computer does. My suggestion is to de-authorize one of the virtual machines.

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    Again, you can't deauthorize a single device. You can only deauthorize all of them. Then you need to rebuild your authorizations again.

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    Open itunes on the computer you want to deactivate. Make sure you are logged in.  Under the "Store" menu, pull down top "De-authorize this computer"



    If you no longer have the computer(s) you want to deauthorise,


    Log in to iTunes,  go to "view your account info" on the itunes store,  deauthorise all five, (Please Note: this can only be done Once every 12 months)  and then re-authorize your current Computers one at a time.



    Authorise / Deauthorise About



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    AnaMusic has the right answer.

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    I'm having the same problem. When I checked on my authorized devices it only lists my Macbook Pro, my work Dell and 3 ipod touch's. It will not allow my son's new Macbook Pro to get on the iMatch. I have logged in on my account but still it doesn't work. So it's not 5 computers b/c I only have 2.