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I need to erase the contents of my brand new macbook pro 13" bought this month and restore factory settings, and I've noticed that all tutorials about how to do this say you need the original MAC OS X installation CD....however i'm sure that mine did not come with one of these. I've looked at the box and it doesn't mention that it comes with any CD...and it actually says on the contents "pre installed mac OS X and iLife"


therefore, I have two questions for anyone who might be able to help...


1) Did anyone else with a 13" brand new Macbook pro receive Mac OS CD's in their box?


2) Is there any way I can delete and restore factory settings without any disc? When i get Disc Utility open all my options under "erase"(Erase Free Space, Security options and Erase) are all shadowed out and i cannot go any further.

if I need this disc is it something that I have to send to Apple for, or can get in a store...(any idea how much?)


Many many thanks for any advice!!



(it's a 13" Macbook Pro 2.8ghz)

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5)