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Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

I keep "waiting" for the new line of MacPro and nothing, nada, zip?


I have a hard time understanding how Apple can have huge record profits and yet continue to refuse to allocate any significant resources to continuation of the MacPro line???


Same goes with their Pro applications such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro (an no FCP X doesn't hack it, just an expensive version of iMovie Pro as far as I'm concerned).


So what's the deal Apple?  What sense is there in abandoning your Pro hardware and Pro applications when you have money to burn?  If nothing more, it would solidify Apple as something more than a "gadget" company.


I think Apple under estimate just how much it will cost them to not have  a "Pro" anything (hardware or software).  Influence of Pro hardware/software is far more than looking at simple sales numbers of MacPro and FCP and Logic Pro -- any executive can make incorrect decisions based on those numbers alone ... the smarter executives will see beyond that.



  • roaminggnome Level 10 (95,027 points)
  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    Already did that, but there is NO appropriate category for my type of "feedback".


    Since I know Apple religiously monitor these forums to surpress and/or remove content they don't like, I figured I'd post here also.

  • Linc Davis Level 10 (192,206 points)

    It’s a common misconception that you can somehow get Apple’s attention, or influence Apple’s behavior, by posting here. This is a user-community forum. Apple hosts and administers the site, but doesn’t provide the content. No one here represents the company or has any special access or inside information.


    For those reasons, no one here is interested in diatribes that don’t include a request for technical help, or in invitations to predict unannounced changes to Apple’s product line. Such messages violate the terms that you agreed to as a condition of participating. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of other web forums where you can carry on that kind of dialog. You can’t do it here.

  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,822 points)

    Use the feedback page for the Mac Pro, of course.

  • Kujako Level 2 (270 points)

    No new Xeons so no new Mac Pro. Go bug Intel.

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    Tell Intel they will have to provide...


    LGA2011 socket Ivy Bridge

    PCIE 3.0

    AMD 7000 series are getting close

    Andmost want SATA 3 plus

    along with ThunderBolt whichIntel promised last fall at dev conference coming to

    PCs in 2012

    and who wants to be 1st to field test?

    or should you play safe and wait 3-5 months for OS and 2nd silicon stepping?

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    Kujako wrote:


    No new Xeons so no new Mac Pro. Go bug Intel.


    Errrr... yes there are: e&cm_mmc=OTC-Froogle-_-Processors+-+Server-_-Intel-_-19117253


    You show me where Apple offer this processor in their MacPro line?


    AMD 7000 is still PCIe 2.x compliant so that doesn't change anything, comes when it comes, not a reason to stop making MacPro's.


    Ivy Bridge isn't going to do a heck of a lot for Desktop computers (portables and maybe iMac) such as the MacPro, no real reason to wait.


    SATA 3 has been out for a while but kinda pointless when ThunderBolt is out already too, sooo??


    Waiting for a stepping is just being paranoid, nobody waits for specific steppings, not Apple or anyone (they never have in the past).


    So the question remains ... Apple making tons of cash and spending NONE of it on Pro level hardware/software, just lots of gadgetware.


    And that's fine, if Apple really feels "king or queen" of gadgets has a long term balance in growth, go for it, but man up and admit your dropping Pro hardware/software and stop playing games.

  • Kujako Level 2 (270 points)

    That's a faster processor, not a new one. Faster needs more cooling and may simply not work within the specs Apple wants. You can of course get a Mac Pro and install one of those CPUs yourself. But odds are it will over heat.


    The "new" Xeon will be the E5.


  • Ziatron Level 4 (3,830 points)

    So the question remains ... Apple making tons of cash and spending NONE of it on Pro level hardware/software, just lots of gadgetware.


    You have no idea how Apple is spending its money.


    However, I too would like to see a new Mac Pro.  I recently purchased a Mac Pro (one of the last ones shipping with snow leopard). Sorry, it's not for sale.


    I'm quite satisfied with the performance of the current Mac Pro line.  Considering that the Mac Pro produces a significantly lower income for Apple than the "gadgets" do, I'm happy it hasn't been discontinued.

  • Kujako Level 2 (270 points)

    Yup. I cant afford a new Mac Pro any how. I just purchased a "new" 2009 model to upgrade my 2006 one. These things is expensive. As for them being discontinued. I doubt that will happen. The creative professional is someone that Apple has spent a lot of time courting, and its not like we can switch to a MacMini. Only option would be to cross over to Windows.


    I expect to see a new Mac Pro model when the new Xeons come out with support for USB 3 etc. To release a new model now would require massive redesign of the cooling system, perhaps even going to a liquid cooled setup like the G5s, and no one really wants that I dont think.

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)
    3.46GHz 6 x 256KB L2 Cache 12MB L3 Cache


    $3300 a set, but you generally see 20% or more improvement  per cpu cycle like we have for last 30-40 yrs already.


    SATA3 isn't pointless. Putting new SSD on our old boards is though. Not that it is perfect. Apple couldn't get SATA3 6G right the first time. The number of PCs not using Marvel and sticking with Intel SATA but at least they, unlike your weak 700MB/sec chip bridge inside, have 1.0-1.2GB of bandwidth to work with.

    PCIe 3 has to be not just for a product, to provide the lanes and bandwidth for all those products to be fed seamless and smoothly.


    you can't just slap TB inside and say ":ready and done" and Apple will have to adopt whatever Intel has, which means supporting LGA 2011 instead of an over 4 yr old socket design we now use.


    Would be sad to come out now. Who wants to be there thoug to find if RAM works? if all PCIe cards no longer work, and new cards and drivers, and an OS update or two are also needed?


    If AMD 7000 aren't included now, they won't. Ever. Which is why the Mac Pro 2010 is stuck in the Mid-2010 die it was cast.

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    The CPU has nothing to do with SATA3, those are chipset updates and/or chipset selection that is used on the motherboard - a new Xeon CPU will not change that.  Intel aren't the ONLY manufacturers of motherboards ... OSX could be made to work with the many other manufacturers who support EFI, the benefit of that architecture.


    Cooling the CPU is not a problem for Apple.


    iMac's have received 2X sometimes 3X more frequent updates than the MacPro line ... this is very solid indication that Apple are NOT spending their money on Pro level equipment.  In fact, Pro level upgrades are what drives the industry, Pro's are the ones that need more frequent and rapid updates to hardware.  So yes, Apple absolutely is NOT spending money on Pro hardware or software -- they're spending it on iPhones, iPads, iGadgets.


    Apple is doing this backwards, iMacs are getting updates faster than MacPro -- this is crazy and completely in reverse of what should be driving hardware updates.


    AMD 7000 isn't the end all be all for graphics processing, certainly not in a MacPro line anyway ... MacPro's aren't typically "Gaming" computers so there is NO revelance to what AMD GPUs do, nor nVidia's ... PCIe 3 spec is a specification for the motherboard, use it and you ensure backwards compatibility with PCIe 2.x and even 1.x.


    I think you folks have been stuck in the world of G series Mac's and don't understand the entire x86/64 design and exactly why it's used on the PC side also, flexibility, standards, etc.

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    you want to build your own, I get it.


    The profits from iPads has nothing to do.


    Sandy Bridge on iMac though is senseless too.


    MacBook Air and ARM vs Intel looks interesting fight.


    Does not matter.


    It is a system.


    Not just parts.


    You want a new socket and wait for 2014 for DDR4.


    You want to wait for 2013 on other things.


    SATA3 does matter. Or SATA 3.1 actually which incorporates all the features into NCQ that use to go into BCG and TRIM


    I know some design and I also build PC for my use. And I know the problems thereof, like crappy SATA Marvel chips.


    Maybe there is none because they are going to switch to AMD huh? is that what you don't want to say? or you are done with Apple hardware?


    Apple and OS X have a history of small changes breaking drivers and support which is why I say buyer beware just what 2012 like 2010 broke some controllers and backward support.


    Or why Apple (grain of salt included) said pre-2010s would not see the same support for the ATI 5770.


    When you and I, when Gigabyte has more than 1st stepping of a motherboard with support for Intel SATA 3.1, with Thunderbird (which they will, just not today), cry spilled milk.


    Many saw the iDevice and lack of "Computer" in "Apple" and said bye-bye. Buy to workstations.


    Fleximble. Ah, the threads on how to get your BIOS and DDR3-2000 or whatnot is a waste of time too. They only appear to be flexible.


    I think you meant to say "Intel isnt' the only maker of processors" 


    The Mac Pro first came to life actually a full year before it was sold as an early EFI 1.x SkullTrail dual Xeon in mid-2005.


    2009 Mac Pro 10.5.7+ had huge audio bug only fixed in 10.6.2

    2010 I am sure had issues with Sonnet, Seritek and took awhile to even get decent ATI driver

    Call it 1.0.

    Call it 1989 dirty 32-bit Rom SE/30.

    2008 it was SMC and EFI that needed to be updated, along with ATI 2600XT firmware and fan noise.

    And no I don't know why, only that there are.

  • Kujako Level 2 (270 points)

    Rob A. wrote:


    The CPU has nothing to do with SATA3

    Going to have to defer to Intel on that rather then you. Intel says no SATA 3 till the next Xeon. Sure, Apple could go with an after market controller off the PCIe buss, but why not just wait a little for the SATA 3 off the chipset?

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