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I'm trying to update my iPad apps from my iPad (and automatically downloading an app to my iPad), but it's not letting me on my iPad! I tried restarting the device and signing out of my iTunes account and nothing happens!!


Somebody help me please!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You have to explain in greater detail what you mean by "it's not letting me on my iPad."

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    Every app I update or download on to my iPad, won't finish. Heck, it doesn't even start!


    That help?

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    I am having the same issue! I have been trying to download updates for 3 apps and all it says is "Waiting". I tried signing out, restarting, signing back in but nothing is working.

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    I think I solved the problem. Just go to iTunes on your computer and update the apps from there.


    Go to apps and look for the updates link.


    Hope this helps you.

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    I am having the same issues.  Mymipad 1 will no longer update apps or download music.  The apps always say waiting and the purchased music doesn't down load to iPad.  I have tried signing out out my apple account, then powering off iPad, then doing a restart of the iPad.  That didn't work. I have tried restarting iTunes, but that doesn't help.  The music I buy ends up on iTunes and I can get it to my other apple devices..except my iPad.  Does anyone have any other ideas how to fix this

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    Still having the same problems.  However, I did go into iTunes on my computer, and manually updated all my apps.  I then plugged in my ipad and synced the ipad with iTunes and all the new updated apps.  I can also download apps via my computer with itunes or my itouch or my iphone, update those apps and transfer then to theiPad.  This gets me around the problem.  But it doesn't solve the problem. 


    After all that I have read, I believe this is an apple 5.0.1 problem that the "mega-geniuses"either over looked or just figured it would work itself out as things played out.

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    I am having the same problem. I didn't update anything except my apps at one time and I now can't update my apps that say they need to update at present. I updated to the newest software and tried to download the new apps but it didn't work. One thing is I haven't synced in a while because the computer that I usally synce to is inoperable. My mom passed away and we moved alot of stuff and I can't connect it to that computer. Maybe syncing has something to do with it. I don't wan't to sync it with my laptop because it dosen't have all my songs on it. I know I can authorize it as the main computer. help! oh and when updating it just goes to the screen where the apps are and just shows the bars for updating. it dosen't even ask me for my password. Maybe that helps.