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I need to get this right the first time and MUCH appreciate all tested help advice. I have exhaused the support site. About everything is directed at a single user, rather than "family".


Existing Configuration:

1 Apple ID

1 iPad 3G/WiFi used by 2 users (one AppleID).

Tons of iPad APPS.

We both use the iPad extensively.

2 iPad calendars (one for each user) in the Calendar application.

On the iPad, MAIL checks our non-Apple email accounts (leaves messages on servers). We delete messages using the laptop. We don't care that we both see all our email if we want. We have numerous accounts.

Have not used CALENDAR on iPad yet. I know it can have multiple calendars.

Use same CONTACTS list.

Synching done to a Windows 7 PC Laptop. Each user has seperate login.

iTunes on PC set to shared directory so all users share same things when synched.

Numerous CDs in iTunes via download or ripping.


NEW: Am adding the following for the first time.

2-each iPhone 4S 32Gb (one for each user) on order from Verizon. We are switching from other non-Apple phone types.

I have not setup iCloud for either of us yet.



Both users switching to iPhone 4S which brings up settings and configuration questions.



(1) What is the best way to configure and keep synched the iPad, PC, and iPhones synched to keep all this working properly.

(2) Wouldn't a seperate AppleID for the 2nd user really messup the iPad?

(3) Would like to keep each users photo/movies seperate if possible.

(4) Don't really want to get notifications on both iPhones when only applies to 1 user (facebook, new emails, etc).

(5) Don't care if I have to switch to different calendars to make this easier.

(6) Other questions I can't think of.


Thanks for all the tested suggestions.

Dell, Windows XP