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    bannview wrote:


    As your daughter is a photog who shoots Raw files just out of interest what spec of an iMac does she use currently use for her work.



    Until recently she was using an iMac, Core 2 Duo 20-inch 2008 model (2.66 GHz). Now she has a 2011 MacBook Air 13-inch 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo (purchased in early 2011). She did fine with either, but she uses the Macbook Air now. Apple makes much faster and more powerful computers than these (that iMac is 4 years old) but not only does she use Adobe Photoshop a lot, but she tends to run all her programs simultaneously (Adobe CS especially Photoshop, iPhoto, iTunes, MS-Office [everything], Firefox, Mail, plus other browsers [I don't know why] ...) and I am amazed that they handle the load as well as they do. Sometimes the fans come on in the Macbook Air for a short time, but other than that, there seems to be no sign of "stress." I think it is important to get a lot of memory for good performance, at least 4 GB and more if possible.

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    Hi again Steve,

    Thanks for that information as I aim to take my iMac down to Belfast during next week to the Apple appointed service agents there to have it serviced and checked over and then I will  sell it and put what I get from that towards a more modern one as that seems to be the best solution.

    Thanks again,


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