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My Macpro sounds like a jetplane.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Try doing a smc reset.

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    tommy256 wrote:


    My Macpro sounds like a jetplane.

    Is that something new or has it been getting louder for a while?


    Is it all the time or just when you're pushing it hard?


    How old is it? Old enough to have collected a lot of dust inside or right out of the box?

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    Its an old problem and the computer is 4 years old. I can hear it accelerate,when it´s working hard. I have taken dust away.

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    Maybe something is overheating (dimm, hard drive, whatever) requiring the fan to run high.  Or a temperature sensor is going bad.  You might consider using one of the temperature monitors like iStat Pro, Temperature Monitor, Hardware Monitor, or my favorite iStat Menus.  It might help indicate which component is overheating if one is indeed overheating.


    FWIW, there is a utility called smcFanControl for controlling fan speeds.