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  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    Zogh wrote:


    when a simple, unknowledgable person asks a simple question, they do not require a list of options by name, [without followup of how to utilize said options], they just want an answer that they can understand easily and without furthering their confusion.


    ONE option

    ONE answer
    ONE clear consice, simple to follow way of going from point A to point B



    And Demo gave you that simple answer in the first sentence of the first reponse. Obviously, you didn't bother to read the answers given or comprehend them before getting your knickers in a twist for no good reason. Though you appear to think other wise, you do not know what kind of answer everyone wants (or is capable of understanding). Nor do you get to dictate how this team of volunteers is required to answer as long as they stick to the Terms of Use. You haven't been here long enough for that. James, as evidenced by the number of points he has recieved, has helped numerous people as has Demo, King_Penguin.


    By now, the OP, who seemed to be engaging in a dialog with the people who responded, has probably been scared away by you're aggressive behavior. How did that help?

  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    Zogh wrote:


    ONE option

    ONE answer
    ONE clear consice, simple to follow way of going from point A to point B


    You will need an app that can save pdf files on the iPad. That is the way it works in iOS. There is no folder file structure like you have on a computer. Documents and files are saved within apps that are compatible with those files for viewing and/or editting.


    Download iBooks or Adobe Reader. Both apps are free. Email the pdf to yourself.

    Tap and hold down on the pdf or on the pdf icon and a window will pop up with three options

    1. Quick Look - tap that to open the file
    2. Open in iBooks - tap that to open the pdf in iBooks where the file will be saved
    3. Open In - tap that and you can select Adobe reader and the pdf will open and be saved.


    BTW Mr. Know-it--all.... this was the original question from the OP.

    "how to upload pdf to ipad"

    and followed it up in the description text area with ....

    "how to upload pdf to ipad"


    That is absolutely brilliant.


    My answer was complete and correct. If that is all the effort that someone can put into asking a question.... how to upload pdf file to iPad ... that's the answer that they get. If they want a little more information - they can post back and actually type complete sentences, using proper grammar and punctuation.


    The OP's question sounded more like a grunt from Tarzan in a movie than a question in a technical forum .... How to get woman?  How to pick nose ....? Where Jane and Boy? Tarzan hungry!!!!


    "how to upload pdf to ipad"


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    Zogh wrote:


    James, for a supposedly intelegent person, you have no clue.


    As for the "******* attitude........  when a simple, unknowledgable person asks a simple question, they do not require a list of options by name, [without followup of how to utilize said options], they just want an answer that they can understand easily and without furthering their confusion.


    ONE option

    ONE answer
    ONE clear consice, simple to follow way of going from point A to point B



    Since this wasn't your thread to begin with, no your attitude wasn't appropriate. A single option wasn't presented, because there isn't a single best option. it depends on the context and the apps available to the user. It's obvious from your response you aren't going to understand the nuance of that, but really, give it a try.



    Zogh wrote:




    They do not need to be impressed by your wealth of knowledge, usefull or useless.  They just do not care

    Good, neither do I.





    SO... your four points:

    1:  the *attitude* was necessary as nobody was answering the basic question, just giving incomplete options with no instruct on how to use these options.  It was worse than when my tech team tries to out think each other.

    2:  yes apps are the operators of the Ipad world, just like unix is the base language of most computers.  But mentioning an app while not mentioning how it is relevent to the question, or talking about totally irrelevent apps is not what has been requested.

    3:  see #2 if, at all, it has pertantant ties to the question, as much of the apps available do not apply to this situation

    4:  If any of my techs jumped the shark & responded to ANY of our clients like you have, they would not have a job within five minutes of it being reported.



    1. Actually the basic question was answered. You were too obtuse to read it. Are you not capable of posting a follow up question - politely - if  the the existing posts didn't help?
    2. Nice demonstration of your ignorance. No, the analogy does not apply.
    3. See #3 above. Yes, the apps available to a user indeed is relevent to the question.
    4. Google "jump the shark" and see how idiotic that comment is. As for this having anything to do with what one of your techs would do ... Send me your billing information. Once you are paying for services, you have a right to complain. Until then....



    People like you with the holier than thou attitude are what give Apple users the bad rep of being snotty stuckup & egotistical.  It does not help the industry, the consumers, nor the image of being user friendly that Apple has stood for since the Lisa.

    I am snotty and egotistical (and a first class curmudgeon with a VERY low tolerance for fools). What's your point?

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    I have developed a special method just for you Zogh...


    1) Print the PDF file.


    2) Shred it.


    3) Swalow every strip of paper.


    4) Wait two days.


    5) Wipe your *** with your iPad.

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    The steps for LOADING the pdf files were correct. What was missing is how to see them on your ipad.


    Go to your iBooks and click on the Collections Tab. Then select PDFs. The iBooks viewer defaults to books therefore if you don't set the book reader to look for PDF's you will never find them on your ipad.


    I struggled with this thread too until I started playing around.


    Good luck and Happy Reading......


    And thanks everyone for the help.


    So in summary to load them, you copy the pdf file to your library and store them in books. This assumes you already have the iBooks app.


    Open iBooks and set the Collections to PDFs



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    My PDF was too big to email myself as suggested in this thread. Here's how I did it:

    1) Save PDF to my documents folder on my MacBook Pro

    2) Connect my iPad to my MacBook (as long as iTunes is on PC my guess is these steps work there too)

    3) Open iTunes, (if not open already)

    3) Click (from iTunes menu) File, then Add To Library

    4) navigate to Documents folder (where I saved the PDF in Step 1)

    5) Click on desired PDF file, then click the Open button

    6) Click the Sync button on iTunes

    7) Open iBooks on iPad

    8) Select Library, then Collectioins and click on desired PDF

    9) Slap self on back for job well done :-)


    Hope this helps anyone in a similar predicament.

  • BjMcDonld Level 1 Level 1

    I had an important 380 page pdf i NEEDED to get on my Ipad.


    This thread and the various answer-people saved the day!


    I followed the drag pdf to books ->  itunes sync download ibooks app  -> collections.......flow.



    there it is!


    thanks to you fine folks!



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    I had a similar issue to transfer a large pdf to ipad that I could not email to myself due to size. I imported the pdf in itune (where it shows up in the book library) and then tried to synchronize the file with my Ipad2. After synchronization, the file still does not appear in the ibooks pdf collection on the ipad. I tried to reboot the ipad but nothing did. The pdf does simply not show up in the ipad's ibooks. The pdf is not corrupted since I can open it in Itune. Is there maybe a limitation to the size of the pdf that you can sync with your ipad ? Not sure what else I could try... Thanks for any advice.

  • dougrsf Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Arthis,

    You may have to add the PDF to your library's collection manually... Try Steps 7 & 8 shown in my posting (from dougrsf).

    Hope that works.


  • Arthis10 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your fast response Doug, much appreciated.

    The pdf that I managed to import in Itune (your steps 1-5) does properly show up in itune, so I am not sure what you mean by manually importing the pdf to my library's collection. Do you mean manually drag and drop the pdf from my imac document folder to the itune library ? My understanding is that once a pdf shows up properly in the itune book library then you should be able to transfer it to your ipad with the synchronization. In my case, after synchronization, when I open iBooks on iPad  and select PDF Collections in the ibooks library, the document does simply not show up (empty library). Is there a way to manually add the pdf collection on the ipad after synchronisation ? Would these pdfs be located somewhere else on the ipad than in ibooks ? On the other side, when I email a small size pdf to myself on the Imac, I manage to export the attached pdf to ibooks (on the Ipad )and it shows well under the pdf collection in ibooks as expected. So really not sure what is wrong with the larger pdf and why it would not show up on the ipad...

  • dougrsf Level 1 Level 1



    I am making the following assumtions:

    1) Your iPad has enough space to hold to PDF file

    2) You've also followed my Steps 7 & 8

    3) You are NOT on the last page (empty) of the book shelf

    4) The PDF doc is CHECKED on your iMac... no checkmark, no syncy - UNLESS you have the ALL BOOKS selected under Sync Books (iTunes on iMac) :-)


    I try to think of other issues that might be the cause.



  • Arthis10 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes Doug, your assumptions are correct, the ipad has plenty of space left, and i checked not to be on the last page of the ibook shelf on the ipad (under the pdf section). To note that I still do see all the other pdfs I imported via self emailing. The pdf doc is indeed checked on the Imac Itune before synchronization. Could the size of the pdf be a limitation to import via itunes sync ?

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    Arthis, I have two suggestions; try unchecking the PDF box, synching, and then rechecking followed by another synch. I find that sort of toggle often makes things straighten out when I'm 90% sure they are behaving strangely but not positive- and I've learned that type of thinking can save me hours of head pounding against my desk... ;) Personally, I keep the ALL box checked for books- even with a large collection the size is minuscule compared to apps and movies and I found doing so eliminated random books and PDFs from just disappearing into the ether. 


    The other thing that you may have already tried, but just in case you're like me and sometimes forget it's there is to hold down the Home button for a few ticks to pull up the finder search box and type in the name of your file.  I have a bit of a problem with apps - 483 on my iPad according to a clearly erroneous head count by iOS- and I've bid that's by far the easiest way to launch anything not on my first couple of screens.


    And I'd just like to thank all who give their time and especially those who pull these threads back into a place that uplifts us all rather than depressing/p!ssing us off...  I will say I have felt what the grumpy dude at the beginning was speaking to- sometimes it's beyond frustrating to feel that answers are both obtuse and derisive.  Maybe he was having a bad week for other reasons...  Regardless, being frustrated and confused falls under Life's not Always Sunshine and Unicorns- but the worst move possible is to lash out at someone taking time to help you out of your ignorance!


    I forget the exact title and link but something that really helped me last summer was a blog post I see around some about How to Ask a question in a place like this. I consider myself reasonably intelligent, but I learned a great deal from it- I'll try to find it and post the link in case anyone (including OP) is interested in more effectively getting their needs met here. 


    I don't post much because I don't have nearly as much good info as many others- but I can't imagine how I'd function without this forum and others like it.  Thanks again!

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    You can connect your iPad to your computer > open iTunes > Select your iPad in the left panel of iTunes > select Apps from the top menu in iTunes > scroll down to File Sharing > select your app > drag and drop your files in the Documents area


    1. There is no Apps in top Menu only File  Edit View Contros Store Help.

    2. There is Apps on left panel under Library but when selece there is no "File Sharing" only the

    Apps themselves listed in a grid with their icons.

  • elsel25 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for these concise instructions, very easy