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    Thanks so much, great easy to follow reply. It works!!

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    Hello all. So this is all well and good but I don't want to have to use my computer to get every PDF I have to read on my iPad. I'm a college student and by that point it is much easier just to read it on the computer. Is there any way I can read PDFs without using my computer?

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    Where are the PDFs currently stored ? If they are on your computer then you can add to them to your computer's iTunes via File > Add To Library and then sync them to the iBooks app, or use file sharing to copy them from your computer into a different PDF app. If they are on a website then you might be able to open them in Safari and then do 'open in' to copy them into your PDF app.

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    Thanks for all these helpful (and otherwise interesting) comments.  I have succesfully gotten a group of large PDF photography books onto my ipad, and now I would like to delete them from my PC (yes, they are backed up) to save space.  I read somewhere that I should delete them through iTunes rather than in their original location, and that I would be offered a choice of deleting them only on my computer or both online and on the hard drive.  I tried several times, and each time was told that deletion would also erase the files on my ipad and iphone (at the moment I am able to open them in iBooks).  So, I didn't do that but I DO need the space.


    I thought maybe if the program got a good rest it would work right today, but the problem is the same.  Can you help?

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    That was very helpful! Thank you!


    I dragged mine in and it worked. I wanted to read it in Adobe reader, but I'm happy it's on my iPad. Thanks!

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    Awesome thread, no sign of rude caveman with heaps of tech-workers working him but still cant get a pdf on an ipad, anyway...


    I also tried to get PDF's into my iPad but iBooks (for me) was not listed as a file shareable compatible app (ios 7.0.3), I dislike adobe reader so I found another way to get them into ibooks.


    1) Setup Dropbox (PC/iPad).

    2) Upload my PDF's to Dropbox (400MB+).

    3) Open the PDF in Dropbox app on the ipad.

    4) Click Download, Open In, then I Selected Open In iBooks.


    Sure it is a long was around but it also works with files too big for email.



    For the apple haters who think this is a pain, sure it it but is that way for a reason. If there was an open C drive as such (/dev/home) then "cavemen" would save viruses and junk in there quicker than you can say "uuuuggggghhhhhhh".


    I like my iOS Devices clean and safe from viruses, if you want a dumping ground goto Android where you have open access or windows where you have to fight for free space with the OS and viruses.


    Thanks for previous tips, free tech support peeps.

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    Thanks for the answers. But I am still struggling with Ipad 1 due to


    1. I cant install dropbox as it requires IOS 7 which is not available to Ipad 1.

    2. When I open Itunes, I dont see Ipad under devices - am i missing something?


    Sorry, for being so ignorant. Thanks

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    You have to have an app that supports file sharing through iTunes. iBooks should work.


    I still think the easiest thing to do, unless you're talking about a huge number of PDFs, is to email them to yourself.

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    I do have ibooks but when I go to File Sharing ...I dont see this App to transfer files. I need to transfer some 200 odd files which I am finding tiresome to send through email as well as the fact that some of these files are very big.

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    With the recent update to iTunes (I'm now on iTunes 11.1.5), the previous directions for uploading an PDF and syncing it with iBooks didn't work for me because iBooks is now a separate program at least on Macs.  Maybe iBooks has been separate for a while, but anyway, here's what I had to do:


    1. Start iBooks.
    2. Drag the PDF from my desktop to iBooks.
    3. Start iTunes.
    4. Plug in my iPad.
    5. Stop the auto-sync/back up process in the center window by pressing on the small "X" (yours may not be set to auto sync when plugged in).
    6. Select my iPad name in the left column.
    7. Select Books from the menu bar just under the iTunes center window (you can skip this step if you want to sync all of your books).
    8. Select the checkbox for the PDF(s) you want to sync (skip if you're syncing all books).
    9. Select the Sync button in the lower right.
    10. Once synced, go to iBooks on your iPad and in the Library, select Collections.
    11. Select PDFs.


    You should now see all of the PDFs you synced.

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    Hi! I have recieved a mail , a pdf file,how do i open it? I have a ipad mini.

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    Tap on the file to download it. Tap on once it has downloaded to open it. When it's open, tap the Open in... box in the upper right. You should then be given a choice of all the apps on your device in which you can open a PDF. Select the one you want to use.


    Best of luck.

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    When i tap it,its only the icon i can see as a picture.

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    I've heard of people having issues with one page PDFs. You'll need to search around the forums for threads about that.


    Best of luck.