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Can the iPad use iChat?   I have a Mac mini 2.4 Ghz using Skype but everyones on it and we get a lot of dropped calls.


I down loaded Facetime from the App Store but I keep getting the message: Can not connect, check your network connections.


So I am looking for something else to (Skype) with my Dad.


Any suggestions or comments very welcomed.


Thks.  Mike

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    iChat is a Mac Computer App only  (Not an iOS app)


    FaceTime is both but needs a WIfi connection fro the iPad.


    Both iChat and FaceTime use ports above the 1024 threshold.

    Most routing devices have ports below this figure open (Web Browsing on port 80 and if secure site, 443, whereas the mail app can use lots of ports depending on server but will be below 1024)


    The easiest way to open ports is to use UPnP if the routing device has it.

    Port Mapping Protocol does a similar job on Apple Base Stations/Time Capsules.



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