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What is the box with the down arrow in the email.  it is at the top near the reply arrow.

iPad 2
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    That's the 'move to a folder' button. If you have folders set up in your e-mail you can move that message from the inbox to one of those folders

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    I don't have folders set up.  how do I get to items that I Sent there by mistake.

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    Why don't you try and tap on it; it won't explode.

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    You cannot store messages in that folder. It is just a "move to another folder" vehicle. Emails are not stored in it.


    Do you use gmail? You may be looking at the archive icon in gmail. that acts a little differently than what Skydiver119 and I am talking about. That is app specific.


    Archiving messages on the iPad using gmail.


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    Diavonex wrote:


    Why don't you try and tap on it; it won't explode.


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    YOu had to have chosen a destination. I tap on the arrow and I get a 'move to folder' and then have to choose that folder.


    YOu can explore the folders through mail. On the left in mail there are two 'sets' of menus to tap on, the upper is the inboxes, the lower exploring the folders of the accounts. Tap on the account in question and you'll see the folders available. You can explore those and see if you can find the mail you moved.

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    OT - and I'm sorry but I have  question for you ... are you using the Atomic Web browser on the iPad and identifying as Safari?


    I see the double capital letters that sort of gives it away. You can identify as Firefox and that annoying feature will go away. You will still be able to edit on this site.


    sorry to go OT.

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    Tap Mailboxes on the top left and you'll be able to see all the folders.


    Your missing item is in one of them.




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    It is in gmail. How do I find the archived messages in gmail?

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    Did you read the help article that I referenced above? Read it for help with gmail. This is a C&P from the website.


    Deleting and archiving Gmail messages using the Mail app (IMAP) will work differently depending on your device's software version, or how you it set up.

    Software version 4.x

    Mail will archive your Gmail messages instead of deleting.

    Tap the Archive (filing cabinet) icon while viewing any message to archive the message.

    Note: On devices running iOS 4.0, there will be a Trash icon instead of an Archive (filing cabinet) icon. The Trash icon will still archive your messages, however.

    To delete a message, tap the Folder icon and move the message to 'Trash.'

    You can reverse this behavior by turning off the 'Archive Messages' feature in Settings. Learn more

    Software version 3.x - 2.x - 1.1.3

    Software version 1.1.2

    Note: This article applies to accessing Gmail via IMAP1 on Apple devices and does not apply to Google Sync (Microsoft® Exchange).

    IMAP: IMAP (Internet message access protocol) lets you download messages from Gmail so you can access your mail with a program like Outlook Express or Apple Mail. IMAP syncs the actions you take in Outlook Express or Apple Mail with Gmail so if you read a message in your mail client, it'll be marked as read in Gmail.

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    OKAY....are you guys ready for the answer to this question: "What is the box with down arrow in it in my iPad email?".

    This drove me nuts but I stuck with until I figured it out.

    When you open a message in iPad, sometimes you'll see a box with a down arrow. Touch it...and your email disappears!!!

    Where does it go?

    Lay down your iPad and go to your computer...you CANNOT access the Archive folder from your iPad!

    1) Go check your gmail account from your computer. When you click on a message, look in the top row of 'choices' in what to do with that emai: back to inbox, ARCHIVE(a box with a down arrow), report spam, delete, move to, labels, and more are your choices.

    2) now look in the left hand column and you'll see: Inbox, starred, Important, Sent Mail, Drafts, Notes, Personal, Travel...now mouse over Travel (or whatever your last item is in the column) and "More" will appear.

    3) Click on 'More' and "All Mail" will appear.

    4) Click on "All Mail" and voila!!! All of those messages that have been disappearing from your iPad are found there.

    5) NOW FINALLY, you can click on each message in the "All Mail" folder and you have the option to move them to any folder you wish.

    6) UNDERSTAND THIS: You CANNOT access the 'All Mail' folder from your iPad...you MUST use your computer.

    Hope that helps all of you who were as frustrated as me.

    Ya think Apple would write something about this somewhere!!