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EmanueleC Level 1 Level 1

Hi all ,


ever time I open iTunes it says that it can't verify the of the server m.szstatic.com (cannot connect to iTunes store).

Any solution to this? I installed the latest update just a few days ago.


Thank you, e

  • SteveFLHTCI Level 1 Level 1
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    Are you at a hotel?  I had the same problem, turns out it was specifically caused by the internet provider.  I went to an internet hot spot and the problem resolved itself.  Back to the hotel, called the provider, they added a couple DNS servers to my Internet info and all is good now.

  • Simon Waters Level 1 Level 1

    Google Chrome is giving a mixed content warning because of images loaded from mzstatic over http for https access to the iTunes store.


    So likely overly keen security software trying to prevent abuse of the hotel's clients or something like that.


    Seems odd that Apple hasn't fixed this.


    Safari will ignore mixed content, but that begs the question why do Apple persist in serving it up incorrectly if their own browser (and everyone else's as well) will ignore it.

  • neilmot Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem.  I only use this XP computer for iTunes...