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I have recently noticed that my "Quit Safari" menu option is greyed out and when I try to shut my computer down, it won't because Safari won't shut down.


I have also noticed that the little 'x' for closing tabs are now missing from the tabs.


Has something gone wrong with my Safari or has it been "fixed"?

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    What are your Mac OS and Safari versions?


    Is the Quit menu item always grayed out, or has this only happened once?


    It's normal for the "close" icon in a tab to be hidden until you position the cursor in the tab. Does the icon not appear when you mouse over the tab?

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    I have Safari 5.1.2 and MacOS 10.7.1


    Right now the Quit menu item is always greyed out.  I can't find any circumstance when it isn't greyed out.


    Even when the tab is active and I actually move the cursor over the tab, I can't find the 'x'.

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    Are you sure you have 10.7.1 and not 10.7.2? Safari 5.1.2 is newer than Mac OS X 10.7.2, and it may not be compatible with an older OS version. If that's the case, then I suggest you run Software Update and bring your system up to date.

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    Sorry, you're right, it is 10.7.2.

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    Please read this whole message before doing anything.


    This procedure is a diagnostic test. It won’t solve your problem. Don’t be disappointed when you find that nothing has changed after you complete it.


    The purpose of this exercise is to determine whether the problem is localized to your user account. Enable guest logins and log in as Guest. For instructions, launch the System Preferences application, select “Help” from the menu bar, and enter “Set up a guest account” (without the quotes) in the search box.


    While logged in as Guest, you won’t have access to any of your personal files or settings. Applications will behave as if you were running them for the first time. Don’t be alarmed by this; it’s normal. If you need any passwords or other personal data in order to complete the test, memorize, print, or write them down before you begin.


    As Guest, launch the application(s) and test. Same problem(s)?


    After testing, log out of the guest account and, in your own account, disable it if you wish. Any files you created in the guest account will be deleted automatically when you log out of it.

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    I am new to Mac and it took a while to get to the guest account, however, when I got logged-in as Guest Safari worked as expected.  The 'x' was available on each tab and the Quit menu item was also available.  Both the 'x's and the Quit worked properly.


    When I logged back in to my account, Safari opened about 7 windows including the one I was using before logging-out and all of the controls seem to be back to normal.  All of the tabs have their 'x's and the Quit menu item is also available.


    Based on your last post, I am not sure if that was supposed to happen, but it would seem that logging-off and restarting, etc. and put everything straight again.