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I have recently moved Shake from a G5 to a Mac Pro.

If I open Scripts I created on the G5 the path to my data volume (which is the same external drive I was using) is relative to the G5

i.e. there is an identifier in the path (....g5/Volumes/Scratch Disk/...etc)

Is there a way to change this path globally in Shake to remove all the bits before Volume?

Otherwise I have to reload every File-in for every project!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Have realised this probably can't be done because the problem is in each Script file (not a Shake pref).


    Ok have found a workaround.


    If I change the path in the Script using textedit for each FileIn, that works (a lot quicker copy/pasting than manually loading each piece of media).


    Thanks anyway.

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    You can turn off the full file path by including this text

    script.uncFileNames = 0;

    in a .h preference file.


    See page 372 of the Shake manual.

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    I tried this preference file, and Shake runs it (so presumably new Scripts will follow this syntax) and an external drive can be moved to a different machine at a later date.

    But I don't think this will work with my existing Scripts, as the path is set in the txt file?